Easy online rosters for you and your staff

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Easy online rosters for you and your staff

Time is money. Your money.

Whether you call it a roster, rota or even a schedule chances are you or your management team are wasting time planning and communicating employee rosters.

Drastically cut the time and costs relating to staff rostering with goRoster, an online rostering software solution that can be used across your entire organisation to accurately plan, design and cost your rosters, but also communicate these quickly.

Less mistakes. More efficient

Eliminate any confusion around working hours and obtain clear acknowledgement from employees by efficiently sending jobs and working hours directly to their email or mobile phone.

Retain historical employee messages for accountability and dispute resolution. Reduce mistakes, cut costs, less excuses with goRoster.

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  • Simple to learn, easy to use

    Unique and elegant design makes training a breeze. You can learn to use goRoster within minutes.
    Best of all, build an entire weeks roster on one screen.
  • Live costing

    Watch as your weekly staff costs are calculated while you build your roster. goRoster automatically calculates overtime and other pay rate factors so your costs are even more accurate.
  • Communicate effectively

    Send roster information and communicate directly to any employee or group of employees. Receive replies and retain the conversation indefinitely.

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