About goRoster

The need for an online rostering system arose in 2005 when one of the goRoster directors was having difficulty communicating shifts to his staff at a restaurant he owned. Producing weekly rosters was consuming a lot of his manager’s time, not just in terms of the design and build, but managing leave, preferred hours, and employee records. Additionally, it was difficult to get a good estimate of the wage cost for a given day, meaning budget blowouts were a frequent occurrence.

As discussions progressed and proof of concepts were created, the scope of the system grew and the first version of goRoster was released in early 2006 to a limited number of customers.

Almost a decade later, goRoster now exists as the leading online employee scheduling tool in Australasia. Whilst originally being designed primarily for the hospitality industry, its scope has widened to cater for the healthcare, security, stadia and retail industries also. It was found that these industries all shared a common goal. They were in search of a tool that gave them back control of the things that they believed they had lost control of.

goRoster is no longer a business add-on. It’s a necessity. It’s an operational tool that over time has been refined with the help of our customers, to something that serves solely to help increase transparency within your workplace, to help increase those savings and cut back on the screeds of management hours wasted on trying to pull your financial figures into line. You are all experts of your individual fields – and we are experts in ours.

Our company ethos? Simple. The success of your business is as important to us, as it is to you.

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