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Customer Profile – Art Deco Masonic Hotel

April, 2014


Shaye Bird from the Art Deco Masonic Hotel was so impressed with the abilities of goRoster, he brought it with him from a previous position. As the Food & Beverage manager, Shaye has now rolled out goRoster among all departments under his control, with great results.

The biggest benefit to Shaye and other managers has been the time and resource saving in dealing with staff – goRoster has eliminated the need for staff to call in and check rosters and start times. With the ability for staff to receive and confirm rosters via their mobile phones.

Equally impressive to Shaye is goRoster’s costing ability – he is always up-to-date on what the wage costs are and are projected to be and can make adjustments accordingly to reach set targets and budgets. goRoster ensures that concerns such as public holidays are taken into consideration and allows for easy adaption of shifts in the case of budget constraints, staff being unwell or any other issue – quickly and with minimal cost. The software gives Shaye the ability to create reports and see all costings and rosters at a glance.

While staff are still required to submit timesheets of shifts completed, goRoster provides an invaluable backup tool.

As an additional extra – goRoster contains a full employee list and allows Shaye and his team to contact specific staff or all staff without having to make phone calls or create individual emails.

No confusion about where and when

April, 2014


A security firm, working primarily in hospitality and large, ad-hoc events, rostering of staff was always a time consuming, expensive exercise for Ryan Security & Consulting but goRoster was able to change all that.

“Notifying our staff of their roster details used to take two or three days of phoning and re-phoning. Now we do it all on a Monday morning. goRoster has freed up hours of time for my key staff”.
– Jayson Ryan

Moving from a phone based system to the web based goRoster has saved the company time and money while also ensuring that accurate records are electronically stored – no more staff saying they didn’t know that they were rostered on for that shift. The software ensures that there is no confusion of where and when staff members need to be at work. Rosters are sent directly to their phones and all shifts are then accepted or declined.

Jayson Ryan says that goRoster is ‘simple and easy to use’ and the interface enables supervisors and managers to have access to the rosters anywhere, anytime, even on weekends and evening shifts. No need to print out the rosters – they are easily available on their phones.

When you need to roster hundreds of staff to cover just one event, an easy to use, workable system is a massive benefit. goRoster has enabled Ryan Security & Consulting to cut back on the amount of time spent on phoning staff, arranging and rearranging shifts.

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