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The Ultimate Shift Notification

November, 2014

Ever wanted to include a little bit more information on your roster but never knew how?

Do you find trying to communicate lots of individualised messages to your employees a logistical nightmare?

Hey, it’s okay. We’ve got you covered!

When the whole idea of communicating rosters via cloud based rostering came about, we thought that was pretty awesome. But we’ve now gone and taken this one step further for you. When you send a rostered shift out to an employee, you have the option of attaching a note with that particular shift. An example of this may be a site location or an address! How awesome is that. You can individualise a note to go with each and every single shift you wish, to ensure your employees have all the information they may need.

It’ll look a little something like this…

The ultimate shift notification

And the employee will receive something like the picture below…

Happy Rostering!

image (2)

The Russley Golf Club Team and goRoster

November, 2014

The Russley Golf Club is one of New Zealand’s premier golfing venues with a challenging par 72 layout, cafe, bar and function room facilities.

The Russley Golf Club is one of New Zealand’s premier golfing venues with a challenging par 72 layout, cafe, bar and function room facilities.

When Catering and Bar Manager, Scott Dew, took over in February of 2011, Russley had a large yet extremely casual team of food and beverage staff. While the focus is now on having a smaller, dedicated, highly trained and skilled team, goRoster is still managing to help them to streamline operations. With a current team of around 12 staff, Russley staff work different shift times dependent on their skills, availability, the members’ needs and the functions booked. While a kitchen team member may begin food prep at 7am, other staff may not be required until 4pm to set up for a night function – goRoster makes easy work of these different start and finish times.

RGC 3Russley has been using the goRoster system for about two months now and while they admit to see finding their way around it and that they may not yet be utilising it to the full potential, it is already showing its benefits. Scott is particularly impressed with the real-time functionality and that it is accessible anywhere.

goRoster enables Scott to oversee his wages to sales ratio and easily send out the week’s roster as well as contact his staff. Their previous system was not a purpose-built rostering system but the team were used to it which has caused a few teething issues while everyone discovers the new system. The team do appear to be embracing the new technology with staff using the confirmation function or communicating queries regarding shifts through the goRoster system. With goRoster, Scott is able to assign specific staff to specific tasks such as ensure he has a chef, a barista and staff to arrange function rooms according to the day’s workload. goRoster can help him to ensure that all his bases are covered.

Russley Golf Club’s Function Centre provides modern facilities, easy access being just 10 minutes from Christchurch’s city centre, spacious parking and local first class accommodation. They have two function rooms – the Terrace and the Fairway rooms – both able to accommodate parties, weddings, events and conferences for groups of 10 -150 people. And what a great view – rooms flow onto a large terrace that overlooks the amazing golf course.

And how did Scott and the Russley Golf Club learn about goRoster? On Facebook! Make sure you’re following on Facebook for more goRoster customer stories, tips and advice on managing your team. You can find our Facebook page here.

For more information on Russley Golf Club:



The ‘Secret Sauce’ Of Outstanding Rosters

November, 2014

Like anything in life, making a good plan will almost always make a difference.  After several years and literally thousands of conversations with hospitality operators we reckon we’ve got a pretty good handle on what it takes to plan and execute efficient staff rosters. We’ve seen so many different systems, methods and approaches to rostering that we could write a book about it.

So what do the most efficient operators do that others fail to do when it comes to rosters?

Do they publish their rosters earlier? Do they spend hours analysing previous schedules?  Do they just set up one roster and copy it week to week? What’s the secret?

Sadly, it turns out that there is no magic bullet.  We’ve not yet, after all of our conversations, found the ‘ideal’ way to plan and execute staff schedules.  No two businesses are exactly the same.

But wait there is some good news. We can tell you that, in our experience, there’s one trait that all of the top performing hospitality operations share when it comes to rostering;


Whether they use a piece of paper, a spreadsheet or a specific piece of software to build their rosters, the fact is that the best performing operators make time to plan.

Like anything in life, making a good plan will almost always make a difference.  So if you want our advice on how to improve your rostering? No matter what tool you’re using, you have to make the time to just get on and do it.

The Biggest Management Mistake You Don’t Want To Make

November, 2014

In any management role it’s important that your time is spent carefully. Fine tune those certain tasks where time spent can be reduced At the risk of sounding like a broken record…Bad rostering will hurt your business. A lot.

Rostering when executed incorrectly can be an utter time waster for you as a manager and for the overall smooth running of your business. The concept of no-shows is something that everyone in a managerial role has been faced with at some point in their career. So why is it that people sometimes don’t turn up to work? Or they turn up to the wrong shift, at the wrong time?

Too often we see businesses with employees who are constantly changing their minds, swapping shifts with their friends, complaining that they don’t have a social life, or simply that they’re missing out on the fun shifts.

Cloud based rostering is by far the best solution for you as a business. If you can place some of the onus back on the employee, you’re helping to eliminate any potential for error. The meticulous, precise nature of cloud based rostering helps to ensure that you’re making the best decisions for your business whilst enabling you to accurately forecast in both real-time and in the future.

In any management role it’s important that your time is spent carefully. Fine tune those certain tasks where time spent can be reduced. Rostering should be completed efficiently, effectively and when done correctly should help you gain a lot more control over your wage costs.

Don’t partake in bad rostering. Make smart choices.

If you want any advice on how to gain more control over your costs with better rostering, get in touch with us now or give our free trial a go here.

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