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The Ultimate Cheat Sheet For Rostering – Part Five

December, 2014

Rostering tip - DisciplinePart Five

Look for hidden calories

Moving into an online forum where you can make accurate forecasts for rostering is the best possible move you could make as a business. It allows you to easily visualise where you are spending too much money and where you may be spending too little.

It’s crucial that you look for those “hidden calories.” You want to find the perfect balance between not starving, and not over-indulging.  Being able to identify these areas helps you to trim the fat where money may potentially be being wasted. This makes for a lot more solid foundation for guided decision making.


We’ve left this point until the end in order to highlight it’s importance. This is the most crucial element of great rostering and it requires thorough systems and effective methods. Rostering is a constant practice that needs to be executed with precision and with the underlying mentality that you want to do the best by both your business and your employees.

By following the tips discussed, hopefully they will aid you on your journey towards being more in control of your business. For more information or advice on rostering, simply get in touch with us at

Or for more great tips on rostering, take a read of our eBook, “Recipes For Rostering Success In Hospitality.”

The Ultimate Cheat Sheet For Rostering – Part Four

December, 2014

Rostering Tip - share the top shifts

Part Four

Share the top shifts

Employee management is not an easy task. Conflict and tension among employees can often be a result of poor management. A quick fix you could try is to ensure that you are sharing the top shifts around all your employees, so that resentment doesn’t build up within your team.

Allowing all of your staff to partake in the ‘fun’ shifts or even the shifts where getting tips is more likely will undoubtedly increase motivation and cohesion within your team. More of this means more success for the business each night. A win-win!

Employee Profiles

Rostering tip - create employee profilesWe touched briefly before on the use of technology being able to bring together all of your roster information into one place. The use of employee profiles online allows you to keep all information regarding an employee in one shared and easily accessible spot. Not only does this enable your management team instant access from wherever they may be, but this helps support your HR regulations  and ensures you’re meeting your legal requirements regarding a staff members employment.

The different areas that would make up an employee profile would be for example a person’s preferred hours, their appropriate qualifications, leave requests, and a direct messaging system where you can communicate directly with that employee. Having thorough documentation relating to an employee enables you to make more accurate rostering decisions.

The Ultimate Cheat Sheet For Rostering – Part Three

December, 2014

Rostering Tip - Communication

Part Three


Regular “no-shows” can be a pain and are often a direct result of employees misreading or not receiving their rosters. Communication from management must be effective is you’re wanting to eliminate any potential for error or miscommunication. As we have said previously, placing some of the onus back on the employee creates a platform for shared information where everyone is on the same page and everyone knows exactly where they are meant to be and when.

From small business to large, the principle remains the same. Through the use of advanced rostering solutions, your ability to communicate becomes more effective and helps to bridge any gap for potential error with regards to miscommunication. The risk of doing it wrong is simply far too costly.

Use Technology

Rostering Tip - Use Technology With the continuous development in technology, we are constantly being provided with an up to date platform where we can better our current methods for doing things – rostering included.

When cloud-based rostering first came along we thought that was pretty cool, and we’ve seen some pretty great features made readily available that can really help you as a business to improve your current rostering systems.

One of the biggest trends of 2014 is cross-platform and cross-screen software technology. In simple terms, this means making information easily accessible across all technological devices, whether it’s a mobile phone, a tablet or a laptop. Having all your roster information at the tip of your finger helps to eliminate any issue of time and space and has essentially cut out endless hours dedicated to rostering.

Technology is taking over the world – so best you get on board and enjoy the ride!

The Ultimate Cheat Sheet For Rostering – Part Two

December, 2014

Rostering Tip - ensure your employees aren't overworked

Part Two

Ensure your employees aren’t overworked

We all know what it’s like to have to work when we’re tired. We dream of the places we’d rather be, and we lose any bit of motivation or drive we had left. It’s important when creating your rosters that you meet both your legal and your moral obligations towards your employees.

Discuss weekly hour limits with your staff and come to an agreement with what works best for both parties. Keep in mind stress and exhaustion levels, and spread out a person’s rostered hours as much as possible in each instance so that shift lengths aren’t too long. Distribute skills and expertise so that the workload is kept fair and singular staff members are lumped with the responsibility of critical tasks. Schedule your employees according to how busy you expect to be during your busiest periods, and cut back on the excess during those quieter times.

Rostering tip - getting the right mixGetting the right mix

It’s important to always keep in mind the blend or mix of people and personalities you have rostered on for certain shifts. It’s without a doubt that some employees work better together than others, and some employees bring out a better work ethic in fellow employees than others. Try to gauge who works well together and who doesn’t. That’s certainly not to say you should bow down to every request from your employees to work with their friends, but do pay attention to the dynamics and cohesion within your team.

Good team morale is important and certainly boosts productivity and motivation – two major factors that play a significant role in the day to day success of your business! So – build your roster around skill sets, talents and expertise, and always aim for a good level of cohesion within your team.

The Ultimate Cheat Sheet For Rostering – Part One

December, 2014

Rostering Tip - Focus on the simple

Rostering is a key ingredient in the overall success of any business. Over the next few weeks we will be supplying you with the Ultimate Cheat Sheet For Rostering – which will contain quick and easy tips, designed to assist you in achieving your long term business goals.

Each part will contain two tips and after the release of part five, you’ll have the opportunity to download the cheat sheet in its entirety as an eBook, full with tips and advice from hospitality managers around the country.

Part One

Focus on the simple
Rostering Tip - sharpen your planning skills

Rule number one: With the right tools, rostering really isn’t that hard at all. You should start by breaking down your current rostering systems and examine where it is you might be making mistakes. Be critical – this is your business we’re talking about, and you want it to succeed!

Once you’ve figured out what is that’s causing potential issues, keep these issues central to all your decision making. You can never be too focused, and it’s crucial that when you are creating your rosters that you focus on what’s important, and where the areas are that you might be able to cut back.

Sharpen your planning skills 

If you’re in a management position, then it’s pretty safe to assume you understand the importance of visualisation. The be able to visualise the overall picture and ask yourselves, “how have we been performing?” “how are things looking for the next two weeks?” are questions that are pretty important.

As an individual you must be able to make accurate forecasts, particularly working in an industry that is susceptible to fluctuations in trade, employee turnover, cost of goods etc. Better decisions require more advanced tools in order to make the most accurate decisions for your business.

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