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Following these rostering tips will help drive business efficiency

April, 2016

Following these rostering tips will bring you guaranteed business efficienciesA robust rostering system is essential in any hospitality or retail business. Ensuring you have the right number of staff rostered on will keep your customers happy, and your wage cost looking great.

On the contrary, building rosters inefficiently can be a real time-waster. So, how do you get maximum results from your roster?

Here’s five quick tips you can easily incorporate into your rostering practice today. 

Utilize “Role Rostering”

First you need to work out what shifts and roles you need to fill, then costing out this plan against your employee’s hourly wages. Then, simply add the names of those staff member you wish to fill each role. Role rostering is great as is focuses on what’s best for your business. Perhaps there’s a special event in town and you anticipate being busier than usual. You need your senior employees on that can handle the pressure, but always be weary of overstaffing.

Share the top shifts

For wait and restaurant staff, certain shifts are always better than others in terms of stress and potantial for tips. These are the shifts that need the most careful management – you need to share these around fairly to ensure all staff members get their turn.

Automate rostering tasks

The more rostering tasks you automate, the more management time you free up for sorting out issues and, well, managing the business. This is where the benefits of cloud technology come into play. Modern rostering tools can provide costing models at the click of a button and can be updated in real time and sent out to employees via email or SMS.

Enable staff to plan in advance

Everyone has a busy life these days, and the more advance notice staff have of their shifts, the more you reduce unexpected absences and last-minute changes. Focus on automating your rostering system as much as possible so you can advise staff of rosters 4 weeks in advance. This will leave you with happy employees, and allowing them the opportunity to request leave early means there’s no chance of you rostering staff on when they’re not available!

Allow staff to check the roster without calling in

With a cloud-based rostering system, you can prepare the roster from anywhere. You can send a most up-to-date roster  straight to an employees smart phone as an SMS or an email. They can check this and keep it on record – no more calling in to check when their shift starts! The more of your rostering tasks that can be handled in this way, the more time you free up for other tasks.

Using these simple tips will help you implement efficient rostering strategies. If you’re looking for a cloud-based rostering tool that can automatically update employees about shift changes, then send us an email at and find out what goRoster can do for you!

Be authentic, and discover what your customers really want

April, 2016

Be authentic, and discover what your customers really want

Over the last few years we’ve been able to get a pretty good handle on your biggest pain points as a business. Our research shows that the areas crucial to being able to run a hospitality or retail business effectively are:  

  • Employee management
  • Effective communication  
  • Better financial transparency
  • Increased visualisation and clearer accountability

We recently attended Kiwi Landing Pad’s annual Sales and Marketing Jam, which hosted some of the world’s leading entrepreneurs from the tech industry.

When attending these events we try to think what “bits of gold” we can take away to give to our goRoster audience. Bits of advice, trends and inspiration that align with our audience’s respective industries. Savannah Peterson, was one of the guest speakers at this event. She said

“You are your own brand; only you have to go to bed with yourself every night. Be awesome.”                 – Savannah Peterson, Speck Design – San Francisco CA

How great is this statement? It is so applicable in all areas of business. As a director, business owner, manager or employee, everyone is going to form an opinion of you. Make sure they form an awesome one. Because at the end of the day, it’s only you and your employees out there batting for you. Make yourselves memorable to your customers.

Regardless of whether you’re a hospitality or retail business, it’s important you have a clear vision of what your mission is, and who your customers are. Our inception came about when we saw a clear gap in the hospitality market for managing employees. There was a real struggle there. Now, almost a decade later we’ve grown, just as you have, to ensure we too keep pace with the changing needs and developments within your industry.

Our ‘discovery’ was seeing time and time again, rosters being built incorrectly. Time consuming spreadsheets, outdated technology, and trying to juggle multiple site rosters at once was causing significant business inefficiencies. Using the right tools within your business is imperative and adopting new technologies is crucial if you want to maintain competitive advantage within your market.

Esteban Kolsky, CEO of ThinkJar in an annual survey concluded that:

55% of consumers are willing to pay more for a guaranteed good experience. Kolsky points out the word ‘guaranteed’, noting customers are no longer satisfied with just being promised a good experience. (1)

Discovery is key to success. What is it that’s going to give your customers a great experience? Figure out what that is, then do it. 


(1) 50 Important customer experience stats from business leaders
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