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goRoster the backbone behind Retropolitan Social Club and Gas Monkey

May, 2017

Danny Valentine runs two of Christchurch’s trendiest restaurants – Retropolitan Social Club and Gas Monkey.

Retropolitan Social Club is a cosy 1970s inspired 60-seater restaurant, bar & café in Addington. The menu includes updated throwbacks such as the prawn cocktail, cheese fondue and Nana’s meatloaf. Conversely, Gas Monkey is a Tex-Mex American grill, serving delicious tacos, ribs, and its famous burgers to hungry punters in Shirley.

Having used goRoster for the last two years, Danny says the system is much more applicable to the hospitality industry than the one he was using previously. “With the old software, we were always saying, ‘I wish it could do this or that.’ Now with goRoster, we get all the features we wanted and more.”

Keeping an eye on wage costs

goRoster has become an integral part of how Danny manages wage costs across both businesses. “Staff wages are our largest cost, so it’s great we have goRoster to help us keep a close eye on them.”

Danny and his team can see, on a daily basis, how staff costs compare to their estimated turnover. “We like to think that we’ve got seven chances a week to be successful with getting our budgets right, and goRoster provides a great platform to help with this.”

The man with a plan

Every day in hospitality can be different, which is why Danny relies on goRoster to plan ahead. It allows him and his team to make notes on how seasonal conditions, events around the area or special offers have affected business during specific periods.

“We use previous rosters to plan ahead for similar periods. We know how many staff we will need, what meals were popular and what our expected revenue will be – so we’re never in the dark,” Danny says.

Two sites, one system

goRoster makes it easy for Danny to manage his 25 staff across both restaurants. With one login, he can see who is working at which site, and if there are any gaps that need filling. “If someone is unable to work for any reason, it’s really simple to share staff across the two sites to handle that shortfall.”

Danny says that goRoster has also made it easy to communicate with his staff at the push of a button. “We send out rosters to staff via text or email, so we can be certain that they all know when and where they are working. It has certainly saved a lot of hassle.”

Investing in staff training is an investment in your business

May, 2017

Staff training is one of the best investments you can make for the future success of your business.

As margins get tighter, professional development for your staff is a great way to give your business a competitive advantage. Increasing your employee’s skillset should improve competency and efficiency on the job, boost sales and create an environment that encourages repeat customers.

Everyone has had an experience in a restaurant, for example, where they could tell the staff were on-point. The food was delicious and on-time, the front of house staff were knowledgeable and attentive, and you were made to feel special – not just another receipt in the till. You almost certainly visited again, told friends and family about the great experience you had, or perhaps even posted a review online.

Despite the positive differences well-trained employees make to the day-to-day running of a business, staff training is often ignored by companies that see it as ‘time-consuming’ and ‘expensive’. Yet there are numerous training options around to suit the different needs of businesses, learning requirements of staff, and budget constraints. Some of these include:

  • external industry training such as conferences, seminars or workshops
  • online courses
  • job shadowing – great for people new to a role
  • in-house training – a session taken by a more experienced member of staff.

When choosing the right training option for staff, it’s important to make the decision based on what the business requires. What works for other companies may not work for you. Training doesn’t have to be expensive or take your employees away from work. Job-shadowing and in-house training provide ways to upskill your staff while they are still on the job.

Not only will quality training improve the performance of your staff at work – allowing them to take on new tasks and greater responsibility within the organisation – it will show that you value them. Happier, more engaged staff will be another bonus for your business.

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