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Get ready! The millennials are coming…

August, 2017

Millennials – young people born between the 1980s and early 2000s – make up an increasingly large proportion of drinking-age customers. It’s important that good hospitality businesses understand that.

Here are some things you may want to consider in your business to engage and meet their expectations.


They want technology to work. If you have customer loyalty apps, make sure they function well and aren’t flaky. If you’re going to use software, make sure it’s good. People expect it to work. The same goes for your website and Facebook page because millennials will be logging on to look for your menu, opening times and location. It’s all about forward thinking. This generation demands good quality so make sure your products are of a high standard, too.


Plastic straws are out! Look at ways you can incorporate eco-friendly options into the business, as well as sustainable menu choices. Consider adding vegetarian, low-carb and health-conscious items to meet a broad range of tastes and lifestyles.

Low-Alcohol Alternatives

People are looking for far more drink options than beer and wine. Health conscious millennials wanting to limit their alcohol intake, also expect good-quality alternatives.

This is where bar staff can get creative with the mock-tail menu; the combinations are endless.

They want an ‘experience’

Expect millennials to sing your praises if they have a good experience, but conversely, they won’t hold back if they’re not impressed.

Think about the music you’re playing, the general atmosphere, staff interaction and overall vibe.

Keep these suggestions in mind, adapt, and ensure the business is changing to meet the ever-changing market and demographic.

And, most important of all, know your demographic. If your customers are not millennials, you’ll need to look at the specific needs of their generation.

Five ways to build a happy team

August, 2017

We have spoken to hundreds of business owners and thousands of their employees over the last twelve years. In that time, we’ve learnt a thing or two about the importance of maintaining happy and engaged staff.

Here are our top five tips to help you keep your hospitality staff happy in the workplace.

  1. Nurture a team environment

Organise team bonding events that bring your staff together outside of work. This could be a mid-winter Christmas dinner, an Amazing Race style scavenger hunt, or simply after work drinks. Ask your staff what they would enjoy doing and if possible take the event off site.

  1. Communicate

Keep your staff informed about what’s going on with the business. This doesn’t need to be a comprehensive report, but might include what’s coming up on the calendar, any good or bad things that have happened over the last week, and any changes that are on the horizon.

This type of involvement will help your team to feel more motivated about their work and how they are contributing to the business.

  1. Take an interest

Get to know your employees better on a personal level. Take an interest in their studies, ask about their family, their goals and how they are finding things at work. This helps to nurture a ‘work family’ environment –important considering most of us spend more time with our workmates than we do with our own family.

  1. Listen

 Communication is a two-way street, so take the time to listen to your staff. Give them an opportunity to air their opinions about how they think the business is going, what they think works well, and how things could be improved. Be engaged in the conversation and take notes. Well engaged staff will always be able to give great suggestions on improving your business.

 Say thanks

Make sure you acknowledge your staff on a regular basis for the work they are doing. This doesn’t have to be attached to an award or gift – simply saying ‘thanks for your hard work’ is enough. It’s a good feeling for staff to know that they’re making a difference.

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