New Feature: Weekly Roster ‘Requirements’

September, 2018

goRoster users can now set ‘Requirements’ for their weekly rosters.

Requirements allow you to set the number of employees that need to be assigned to a particular role on any given day so that you can check to make sure you have your roles covered. This feature is one way to help design your roster to ensure you  maintain a high quality level of service and compliance in your chosen industry.

Create some Roles (if you haven’t already)

To use requirements, you first need to make sure you have created ‘Roles’ for your roster.

Here is a handy article showing you how to set up roles if you haven’t already Creating Roles

Requirements + Roles

Using Requirements in your Weekly Roster

Once you have your roles set up you can then enter requirements for the roster in the current week. In the Roster Designer > Menu 

To get started, click on the field that corresponds to the day you would like to set it for and click ‘up’ or ‘down’ to adjust the number of required roles.

Enter the Requirements

New! Requirements Indicators

When you have everything set up a ‘REQs’ indicator will display in the Roster Designer above the date in the roster. Green indicates you have assigned the correct number of employees for that role and date while Red indicates that you need to add more. If you need to add more employees to a role you can click on the indicator to edit the settings for your week.

Requirements Indicators

Who can use Requirements?

This new feature is now available to all goRoster users, including those on a free 30-day trial.

Not using goRoster yet at your business? Sign up today for a no obligation free trial.

New dashboard clearer, more useful

November, 2016

We have refreshed our dashboard, giving you a better looking, more functional, clearer view of all your roster information.

The new version supports all screen sizes too, so you can stay on track from anywhere and any device.

So, what’s new? Well, we have new ‘view modes’ so you can look at your rosters as tiles or lists and then dive into the financial side.

Tile view (replaces ‘Simple View’):


List view (replaces ‘Advanced View’):


Financial view (replaces ‘Detailed Financials’):


GET TO KNOW THE NEW DASHBOARD – here’s what’s changed;

picture4 picture5

Key Feature Notes
A Week Navigation
B Tile and List view modes
C Roster Navigation
D Roster Actions The new dashboard has these in the header “Cog” dropdown menu and also in the footer “More” dropdown menu
E Cost vs Revenue chart
F Revenue
G Employee Pay Costs
H Cost Budget
I Complete / Pending Flag
J Edit Roster
K Roster Employees/Hours
L Roster Status
M Financial View
N Unpublished Changes Warning

Another way to budget – introducing ‘maximum hours’

October, 2016

We have added another feature to our software – a ‘maximum hours’ function that lets you set limits for a roster and make sure employees are not over-worked.

Previously, customers have only been able to create rosters based on costs. Now, maximum hours can be entered for both rosters and employees. Alerts will pop up when you have gone over your hours, but won’t restrict what you can do.

This means you’ll be able to see your budget and stick to it, without knowing the pay rates/costs of each staff member. But if you want to, then you can also add in the expected and actual revenue to compare against the hours – just to make budgeting a little easier.

Users who have the permission to edit financial information will be able to enter the maximum weekly hours for employees. This new field can be found on the General tab when editing the Pay and Cost panel of an employee. Once entered, the maximum hours will show against the employee in the roster designer. A warning will be displayed if a person is rostered for more hours than their maximum.

Users who have the permission to edit rosters and roles will be able to enter the maximum weekly hours for rosters. This new field can be found in the Edit window of a roster. Once entered, the maximum hours will show in the footer of the roster designer. A warning will also be displayed if the total rostered hours exceeds the maximum.

You can enter maximum weekly hours for each roster:


You can also add maximum weekly hours for each employee:


An alert will pop up in the roster designer when you have exceeded your roster’s maximum hours. To switch between hours and costs in the pie chart in the bottom right corner, click on ‘By Hours’ or ‘By Costs’.



Introducing goRoster for iPad (and tablet!)

May, 2015

Introducing goRoster for iPad (and tablet!)I suppose that title was a bit biased wasn’t it – shoving poor tablets into a pair of brackets at the end.

They weren’t an afterthought. I promise. iPad usage amongst goRoster clients is considerably higher than that of tablets, but don’t worry. We haven’t forgotten you lovely tablet users. goRoster is now compatible with both the iPad range, as well as on most tablets.

We understand that older style laptops are now considered clunky and heavy. If you’re like us – you’ve downsized to a more mobile and portable device. You will have noticed that most service based technologies have been adapted to now be compatible with iPad and tablets. And we’ve decided to follow suit! This is to ensure that we can provide you with what you need, whenever and wherever you may need it. All the typical goRoster features you experience on your desktop or laptop – you can now have on your smaller devices.

We understand that the way you do business is changing, and we understand that you’re pushed for time.

So now you can take your rosters with you everywhere! Because, if you’re like us – you love your rosters.

If you’re after any information on the latest updates made to the brand new roster designer, check out this blog post.

Eliminating Time and Space

July, 2014

The Mexico Group - eliminating geographics with the use of goRoster

The Mexico Group is a group of bars and restaurants providing a taste of authentic mexican across New Zealand. Currently operating from six locations and opening a seventh in July 2014, has certainly offered some unique challenges to the management team in regards to managing their staff who are spread across such a wide geographical location. But this is exactly the type of challenge that goRoster is made for. goRoster has been able to allow the Mexico Group to streamline their rostering processes easily and efficiently. All locations and departments can be managed through the dashboard enabling improved margins, tighter control over expenses and flexible budgeting and forecasting.

When we last spoke to the team they were well involved in setting up their newest location in Wellington and yet were still able to manage teams, rostering issues and expenses for their restaurants and bars across Auckland and Hamilton. They were using goRoster to remotely manage the sites already open, whilst preparing the new site and working out costing for the new location. The goRoster software gives the management team a top down view of the entire business. William, who works for Mexico in Operations and Data Admin, says goRoster gives him the ability to view and manage every site quickly and conveniently.

                    “The biggest benefit to me is the snapshot tracking. I can easily get a snapshot of all our locations every day to see exactly how the costs are tracking.”

William’s favourite aspect of goRoster is the costings functions and how simple and easy it is to use. The Mexico Group can now manage costings and rosters simultaneously, enabling them to adjust both in real time and in a quick and easy manner. The rest of the team enjoy the benefits too. The staff love receiving their rosters via text – they can then reply if those shifts work for them or not. This functionality allows the team to plan their other commitments such as study, family and socialising around their work. No more forgetting shifts and having to ring to check – the roster is stored on their phone and readily available whenever and wherever they are. The staff’s favourite benefit is the ability to be able to check rosters directly on their phones – no need to call in.

Managers are enjoying goRoster too – they now spend less time co-ordinating rosters, and replacing staff due to illness or other circumstances is a breeze. goRoster has reduced the time and resources spent on staff communication outside of rostered shifts and has the additional benefit of electronically storing all communications should they be required in the future. Implementing it was simple – after a short amount of time the system was up and running and paying dividends across all locations and the business as a whole. The entire system is found to be quick, easy and simple to use on a day to day basis.

Overall, goRoster enables the management team to run all locations no matter where they physically are – Britomart, Takapuna, Ponsonby, Ellerslie, Hamilton, New Plymouth or Wellington. The goRoster team wish the Mexico Group all the best with the opening of the Wellington location – we can’t wait to try it out.

For more information go to

Getting The Right Mix

July, 2014

Get the right employee mix with smart rostering

It’s always important to strategically think about the mix of people you’re rostering on together. Just like a Cosmopolitan requires the perfect balance of vodka, cranberry juice, triple sec and lime juice, your team requires a certain mix of abilities to make the night a success.

What are your staff’s strengths and weaknesses?  For each shift you’ll need a strong team of people with mixed expertise.  On any given night you may need a few expert cocktail makers, waiters/waitresses with excellent order recall, someone who knows what to do if the till breaks down and a confident supervisor to keep everyone in order.

Create the perfect mix of staff with smart rostering. It is so much easier to have a system that’s able to record employee skills and talents when building your rosters. You should be able to tag all staff with their default roles as well as any specialty skills that are relevant.

The risk, especially with a large crew, is that the roster manager has all of this knowledge in their head, but as soon as they are sick or on holiday you have a problem. You wouldn’t just have one person in your whole bar who knew how to make cocktails.  Likewise, your rostering approach should be smart enough to not rely on one person, and to help you understand what mix of skills is needed.

To read about more recipes for rostering success in the hospitality industry, download our free eBook here. 

Happiness as a marketing tool

July, 2014

Smart rostering will help you use happiness as a marketing tool

Keeping your staff happy is not only a moral responsibility, but also a business opportunity.

Would you return to a place where you’d previously encountered grumpy, rude or unhelpful staff?  Probably not.  And if you’d had a truly unpleasant service experience, you may even feel compelled to write a bad review about it online.  The thing with online reviews is that most people take the time to write one if a) they had an exceptionally awesome experience OR b) they had an exceptionally awful experience.  Satisfactory service generally goes unreported.

So you can see why keeping staff in high spirits is essential to ensuring people not only return to your establishment, but promote it to friends, family and the online community.

Get your rostering balance right to increase staff satisfaction. Although you can’t protect your staff from everything that could affect their happiness, you can control some aspects of their work life.  Use your rostering system to ensure that staff are getting enough hours to satisfy their income needs but not so many hours that it’s affecting their stress or sleep levels.

Obtaining this balance for all staff members is difficult but necessary to influencing staff’s happiness and therefore your patron’s service satisfaction.

To read about more recipes for rostering success in the hospitality industry, download our free eBook here.

Avoiding Hangovers

July, 2014

Smart rostering is crucial in taking control of your costs and, helping avoid those financial hangovers.

You know those nights where your bar is full of people laughing, dancing and generally having a good time, and the contagious atmosphere leaves you and your colleagues enjoying themselves too?  But then morning comes and it’s time to count up the costs vs turnover and you realise that it wasn’t such a great night after all?  Take back control and avoid these financial ‘hangovers’ by tracking actual costs vs. turnover using an automated system that doesn’t leave you with a headache.

Rostering is the key to controlling staff costs.

The biggest chunk of cost to run a bar comes from paying staff.  This is why getting your rostering right is pivotal to optimising cost control and maximising profits.  Make sure you have access to the information you need to see ‘hidden’ staff costs such as public holiday pay (time and a half), extra taxation and long-service leave. Don’t be left with a ‘hangover’ after what you thought was a great night.

To read about more recipes for rostering success in the hospitality industry, download our free eBook here.

Quality Ingredients

July, 2014

In order to make successful rostering decisions you must first have access to quality information. 


There are many factors that can affect your patron volume. Major sporting events may result in a huge influx of patrons to your sports bar if you are playing the game on the big screen.  And on the flip-side, your night club might not pick up until after the game has finished.

Summer holiday periods usually mean more people have the opportunity to get out and enjoy themselves so bars and restaurants often employ summer staff to keep up with this demand.

Memory of past events is not enough to successfully plan a roster.

Although you may have a rough idea of how many extra staff you’ll need to work on rugby finals night, it’s impossible to predict the optimum balance of staff costs vs. sales when you manage rostering with a rolling spreadsheet.  This is why having information about how different scenarios have historically impacted patronage is so important when planning rosters.

Having the information to forecast how certain events will affect patronage allows you to make smart rostering decisions. It’s imperative to recognise the costs of any staffing decisions you make. Even saving 1% a night on staffing costs can make a big difference to your yearly profits.

You need the best quality ingredients to create an award winning meal – just like you need the best quality information to run a successful hospitality business.

To read about more recipes for rostering success in the hospitality industry, download our free eBook here 

Do What You Love

July, 2014

Don't let bad rostering take you away from doing what you love

There are many things to love about working in hospitality: the fast-paced thrill of serving a throng of patrons; the contagiously joyful atmosphere; the knowledge that you’ve contributed to making everyone’s night a great one; and the friendships you form with both co-workers and patrons.

But then there are the obligations that also come with managing a successful business: cost management, product ordering, building maintenance and, to top it all off, the weekly laborious and frustrating task of rostering. If you wanted to be stuck out the back in an office you would have become an accountant, right? We believe that hospitality managers are most valuable when they’re in amongst the action.

Although there will always be a bit of ‘paperwork’ involved in managing a hospitality business, there are excellent alternatives to slogging over Excel spreadsheets. Rostering automation tools give you the power to quickly set staff costs targets, measure them, allocate staff to shifts and deliver rosters via email and SMS. This transparent and time-effective method allows you to quickly and efficiently complete necessary staff rostering so you can spend more time doing what you love – mentoring employees and delighting customers.

To read about more recipes for rostering success in the hospitality industry, download our free eBook here.

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