More features

goRoster is full-featured but remains remarkably simple to use and cost effective.


Access most features from the intuitive, yet powerful dashboard.

  • Easy to navigate
  • Print rosters in 3 different formats
  • Export to payroll
  • Roster overview and status
  • Search employees
  • Switch sites

Client Settings & User Security & Permissions

Manage your own users and client settings with ease.

  • Keep your own client details up to date
  • Change employee defaults and SMS settings
  • Create & manage your own users
  • Allow users to access single or multiple sites
  • Fine grained security roles and permission levels
  • Disable users temporarily

Export to Payroll

One click and the roster is exported based on your employee settings.

  • Ace Payroll
  • FlexiTime
  • MYOB
  • iPayroll
  • IMS
  • SmoothPay
  • Rocket Payroll


Powerful, but simple to understand reports allow you drill down into your roster history.

  • Printable
  • Employee contact list
  • Various hourly reports, filtered by dates
  • Employee reporting


Create your qualifications and optionally set up alerting. Great for tracking certificates that need renewing regularly.

  • Email alerts when a qualification is due to expire
  • Optionally send to main contact or site contact(s)


Group employees together by using tags. A simple way to find suitable employees when building your roster.

  • Find employees by tag when building a roster
  • Create and assign your own tags
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