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The Ultimate Cheat Sheet For Rostering – Part One

Updated: Feb 28, 2022

Rostering Tip - Focus on the simple

Rostering is a key ingredient in the overall success of any business. Over the next few weeks we will be supplying you with the Ultimate Cheat Sheet For Rostering – which will contain quick and easy tips, designed to assist you in achieving your long term business goals.

Each part will contain two tips and after the release of part five, you’ll have the opportunity to download the cheat sheet in its entirety as an eBook, full with tips and advice from hospitality managers around the country.

Part One

Focus on the simple

Rostering Tip - sharpen your planning skills

Rule number one: With the right tools, rostering really isn’t that hard at all. You should start by breaking down your current rostering systems and examine where it is you might be making mistakes. Be critical – this is your business we’re talking about, and you want it to succeed!

Once you’ve figured out what is that’s causing potential issues, keep these issues central to all your decision making. You can never be too focused, and it’s crucial that when you are creating your rosters that you focus on what’s important, and where the areas are that you might be able to cut back.

Sharpen your planning skills 

If you’re in a management position, then it’s pretty safe to assume you understand the importance of visualisation. The be able to visualise the overall picture and ask yourselves, “how have we been performing?” “how are things looking for the next two weeks?” are questions that are pretty important.

As an individual you must be able to make accurate forecasts, particularly working in an industry that is susceptible to fluctuations in trade, employee turnover, cost of goods etc. Better decisions require more advanced tools in order to make the most accurate decisions for your business.



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