A special blend: Tank Juice and goRoster in the mix together

May, 2016


When you go to TANK, you’ll get a mind blowing health experience. Not only are they fast, original, and fresh but their menu is packed with delicious nutrients – whether it’s their juices, smoothies, salads or wraps. Tank gives the health-conscious Kiwi an easy way to get their daily dose of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.

Tank recently brought goRoster in to help with the management of staff. goRoster enabled the management team to reconstruct their paper-based system to an online format that was quicker and easier to train staff. Plus there is the added bonus of being able to access all important information anytime, anywhere via the digital cloud, without having to download any third-party software. Jess Dempsey, Human Resources Manager of Tank Juice, says that everyone at Tank – from the management team to the staff – absolutely love the new system that goRoster initiated.

“Goroster has transformed the way we manage our staff. With over 60 stores across New Zealand and hundreds of staff to manage, Goroster has allowed us to prepare rosters, communicate with staff and track times. An all in one package, that is simple to use and integrates directly with Payroll.” – Jess Dempsey, Human Resources Manager of Tank Juice.

goRoster has allowed the management staff to have better control so that there aren’t any bombshells at the end of the week. In fact, the mobile app ensures that every team member is on the same page in real time. With goRoster’s online and mobile system, it is easier to stay within your budget, cut down costs and meet targets because you have the ability to forecast expenditures by looking at previous needs.

Jess goes on to say that, “The management team loves the use of goRoster for its simple, cost-effective way of managing staff rosters, time sheets, leave, and communications. goRoster has provided us with visibility of all staff across 60+ stores and allowed for greater management of our teams.” – Jess Dempsey, Human Resources Manager of Tank Juice.

TankWe all know that our staff is our most important resource. With goRoster’s tracking software, you are able to manage your staff wisely and effectively which will increase your bottom line. goRoster takes away the guesswork. You can actually see where things are ineffective and reorganise any areas that are not meeting your business’s needs.

goRoster is proud to be part of Tank’s successful business. To find out how goRoster can benefit your business sign up for our free, no obligation 30 day trial today.

I got 99 problems but my rosters ain’t one

November, 2015

Untitled design (2)Rostering doesn’t need to be difficult.

Some businesses still so firmly believe that, in order to keep absolute control over their rosters, they must continue to tediously do them by hand and dish them out to employees in those dreadful dated brown envelopes.

Dare I compare it to “snail mail?”

And let’s be honest – it’s more than likely that your local post office has recently had to make staffing cutbacks due to the lack of people using postal services now, as a result of the considerable time it takes for hard copy mail to reach people.

Same principle applies to rostering. Why would you continue with the old way of doing things when the benefits of the new clearly outweigh the old.

We’ve painted this picture in the hope that you will be able to recognise the importance of keeping pace with key developments in the area of employee management. Rostering companies have done the hard work and figured it out for you. They hold the golden ticket to your one way route towards better, more efficient rostering.

We believe  the most important  things to consider are:

  • You need to be online
  • You need to be storing HR and financial data in the cloud
  • You need to be involving your employees in this process

So perhaps it’s time for you to get in the game. Businesses come with a multitude of problems. Highs, lows, and everything in between.

If one area of your businesses isn’t keeping pace with the other, you’ll lose the race.


Because, just like you, all great hospitality businesses have 99 problems.

But I can tell you now, their rosters ain’t one.

It’s time for your hospitality business to start making the most out of the holiday season!

November, 2015

Facebook Post (9)Work Faster. 

Work Smarter.

This holiday season.

goRoster offers a series of advanced rostering features designed to help you get through the the busy holiday season.

In our previous discussion we mentioned three main areas to focus on when creating rosters:

  1. Remove uncertainty in turnover
  2. HR and payroll responsibilities
  3. Planning ahead

Now let’s explore how goRoster helps to address these issues:.

The Ultimate Shift NotificationIt's time for your hospitality business to start making the most out of the holiday season!

It never fails to surprise , the number of people we see who simply put up with inefficient ways of doing things!

Let’s say you manage the local pub, and you need to tell one of your employees, Luke, that he’s looking after the corporate function on Wednesday evening.

Here’s where the ultimate shift notification comes in handy. Using goRoster, you are able to not only send employees their rosters – but you can send them  individualised messages attached to any specific rostered shift! Now you’re equipped to communicate important information that, in the past,  could only be delivered face to face or over the phone!

The result? Straightforward and efficient delivery of important information – every time.

Your Detailed Financials

Being able to easily avoid and identify budget blowouts is vital to make sure  you’re on the right track. goRoster’s detailed financials section helps hospitality owners and managers to take back full control of their financials.

We arm you with the tools to boost business efficiency using accurate and effective reporting and forecasting. goRoster enables you to drill down to the more finer details of your business to enable better decision making.

Here’s a snapshot of the finer aspects of our detailed financials section. These will really help you to boost your turnover potential this holiday season.

  • Live costing as you build your rosters
  • Record estimates against your actual turnover and see exactly where your discrepancies are!
  • Set up business units to get right down to the nuts and bolts of where you’re cash flow is coming from, and where it’s going out.
  • Implement warnings for when wage cost thresholds are exceeded

The Leave Wizard

CaptureHolidays are such a busy time and hospitality owners often find themselves inundated with leave request forms. Trying to allocate and grant leave to all those employees whilst maintaining  the correct amount of cover, is like trying to complete the world’s hardest jigsaw puzzle.

The leave wizard ensures that planned time off is clearly shown and prevents rostering employees when they are actually on leave. The easy-to -use leave wizard allows you to upload bulk leave dates for an individual employees and also specify what type of leave they are taking (sick, annual, bereavement leave etc ).


When it comes to building  a roster, goRoster alerts you that your employee will be on leave – Check it out below.

It's time for your hospitality business to start making the most out of the holiday season!

And More…

goRoster is available to use on your iPad and tablet – Now you have all the benefits of getting those rosters done while out completing those last minute Christmas errands!

So there you have it. Don’t leave yourself unprepared this Holiday Season. And never compromise potential for greater revenue and profit. Reap those rewards. And remember…

Work Faster. 

Work Smarter.

This holiday season.

Why Turning To The Cloud Is The Best Decision For Your Business

July, 2015

Why turning to the cloud is the best decision for your business

Let’s set the scene. Close your eyes. Imagine.

A staunch, somewhat broad gentleman exhibiting a sunken in face, dressed in the latest season Hugo Boss navy suit and donning a pair of the most expensive Ted Baker shoes, opens the door to the office. His shoulders are drooped as if he were carrying the weight of the world on them. It’s 8:00pm. He walks down the hallway pretending to have purpose – trying his best not to let the onset exhaustion show.

He takes a seat at his comfy, typically CEO like black leather chair and looks out the window into the distance. He’s meant to be at home looking after the children while his wife attends her late night book club. But he’s had to call and cancel – the growing mountain of work on his desk stares back at him as if it has just taken a healthy dose of steroids. It just keeps getting bigger, and bigger.

Lets just cut to the chase. You’d expect this depiction to have been pulled straight out of the 80’s.

When technology was simply a far off dream.

To pretend that this scenario is still typical of today would be somewhat naive. We’ve been handed the tools and the mechanisms necessary to change this – all on a silver platter. The idea of an “intergalactic computer network” was introduced as early as the sixties. J.C.R Licklider dreamt of everyone on the globe being interconnected and accessing programs and data from any site, anywhere. An idea that sounds almost as if it were foreshadowing what we call today, “cloud computing”. (1)

Here’s why turning to the cloud will help your business:

1. The cloud builds clarity and transparency

It’s not uncommon for transparency to be a common goal for any business. Transparency and clarity in your figures holds great importance particularly with respect to head office functions. Cloud based technology has aided us in almost eliminating human error for good. Why take that chance when you’re presented with a platform for extreme accuracy?

When the end of the financial year rolls around, when the time comes that someone begins their due diligence on you, when the tax agents come knocking – by utilising cloud based software you are armed with the ability to visualise all of your important information, so you’re aware of exactly where you’re sitting. How much is it that you’re really making and where is your money is going. The cloud puts you in the best position possible with respect to financial transparency.

2. The cloud helps with disaster recovery, with flexibility, and with automation

The dreaded days of sitting at the paper shredder for hours on end. Page after page, listening to the monotonous drone resonate in your brain, as the hours tick by. Well, say sayonara to the paper shredder. Because not only does it waste time, it’s putting you in the position where being responsible for screeds of paper is simply a disaster waiting to happen. First a file goes missing, then you enter the wrong numbers, then you send a copy to the wrong office, to the wrong person and heaven knows what else.

Time and time again the cloud has proved the safest storage facility to manage your files. The likes of google docs, google sheets and so forth are becoming second nature to administrative and head office staff today. It’s quick and reliable with sleek disaster recovery, and it allows to you to turn common tedious and time consuming tasks into an automated format. So, why wouldn’t you turn to the cloud?

3. The cloud increases connectivity

Speed, scale and insight. These three words encapsulate the exact meaning of cloud computing. The cloud works at lightning speed, eliminating any notion of time and space. This makes globalising your product, your service, or your business a shiny new possibility. The concept of globalisation must always be considered even before you go into business, and you can never rule out when you’re creating your go-to market plan – that one day your business might go global. With this in mind, cloud integration makes the hiring and the exporting side of things, a walk in the park. It’s as if you’re sitting right in the central city of a country millions of miles away.

**Cue daydreams of profit rolling in*

With the ability to employ and send staff worldwide, you can now check up on them, share files, and work together towards your business goals. Suddenly, small scale businesses gets offered a place in the big league.

So there you have it. Turning to the cloud really is the best decision your business could possibly make. 

For more information on this topic, and on the importance of technology integration within your business – take a read of our eBook “The Ultimate Cheat Sheet For Rostering” where we discuss this further. 

(1) A History of Cloud Computing.

The Crab Shack and goRoster Share A Common Love For Cost Control

June, 2015

 The Crab Shack and goRoster share a common love for cost control

The Crab Shack is a popular coastal themed restaurant that opened in Wellington in May 2013, and on the 28th of January of this year, they opened the doors to their Auckland restaurant overlooking the city waterfront. Offering a casual dining experience with an emphasis on crab and other seafood delicacies, the Crab Shack caters to all tastes, and their menu includes dishes “From the Earth”, “From the Charcoal Barrel” and “By the Scoop”. Their meals are tasty and affordable, and the atmosphere at the Crab Shack is cheerful and laid back.

With 40 staff members to manage, Scott Ruddock, General Manager of the Crab Shack has a big job keeping track of everyone.  We caught up with Scott to see how things were going.  Scott says that he would be lost without goRoster and is very grateful for the quality software and service which makes his life a whole lot easier.

Capture1“goRoster makes it so easy to manage the rostering system which can get incredibly complicated with as many as 40 staff members. It arms us with the ability to keep track of individual staff costs and it makes communication with employees a breeze. goRoster makes a potentially stressful rostering situation run smoothly and efficiently” Scott Ruddock, General Manager – The Crab Shack.

Scott went on to talk about the particular features he likes, one of which is the ability it gives him to quickly and easily review past weeks, and that in turn allows him to more accurately project staffing requirements for future weeks. He also finds the staff tracking system particularly useful, because it helps him to balance out wage costs and see which areas need restructuring. But his all time favourite feature, is the built in communications system, which enables him send rosters, messages and receive replies quickly and efficiently.

“I love goRoster – the detailed financials, the cost tracking and the improvement in employee communication has really made things tick over at the Crab Shack” Scott Ruddock, General Manager – The Crab Shack.

If you’re interested in finding out how we can help you with your cost control, sign up for a 14 day free trial here and take the next step towards better employee scheduling.

How to improve your roster in 3 easy steps

April, 2015

How to improve your roster in 3 easy steps It’s not until you experience the worst financial upturn that you begin to ask yourselves what you could have done differently.

Until you fully understand the impact and role that rostering plays within the financial game, I’m going to take a stab in the dark and say you’re probably cutting yourself short in the profit department.

Rostering for a long time has been considered the responsibility of the front line manager, or an on-site coordinator. There are so many things wrong this preconception. Especially if you’re a business owner that is attempting to control multi site locations or franchises. Rostering is a key component in being able to effectively run the financial department of your hospitality business. Getting it wrong is just far too costly – and why would you want to risk it?

There are 3 easy steps you can take to improve your current roster

1. Get the right mix of employees – From your most experienced to least experienced employees. Try to strike the right balance of talents and personalities where you can spend a reasonable amount of money and still have a productive and satisfying outcome on the shop floor.

2. Integrate with leading technology – Paper became almost extinct after the invention of the internet and the cloud. Not only are you being a great samaritan by looking after the environment and saving paper, storing information electronically allows for quick access, the elimination of human error, and the ability to instantly access and analyse financial data. This enables you to make much more accurate and justified forecasts and decisions.

c0cadf220526864498aa434b3d93ee803. Discipline and planning – No successful person ever got to where they are without putting in the hard work. Effort needs to be put towards your rostering if you’re expecting to see changes financially. Planning gives you the ability to trim back the fat, or the “excess” when it isn’t needed, from where you may have been spending money in the past. The best business people forecast, and they make accurate decisions based on the research and discipline they apply to their management efforts. Same goes for rostering. You want a better understanding of where you can you can shift unnecessary rostered hours around in order to prevent them from cutting into your profit ever again.






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