Maximum and minimum hours – striking a balance

April, 2017

Striking the right balance between maximum and minimum hours for your part-time or casual staff can often be a difficult process. But getting the balance wrong can have serious and long-lasting ramifications for your business.

Overworked staff

When you’re running a business, key staff members are often relied upon to keep things running smoothly, so it can be easy to ‘reward’ them with a more hours. Staff members may also request more time at work due to financial or personal circumstances, and you ‘help them out’ by upping their hours.

You may think you’re doing right by your business and your staff in both situations. However, overworking your staff is a major health and safety risk which can result in:

  • more workplace accidents
  • higher rates of mental health problems including severe anxiety and depression
  • a greater risk of physical health problems for staff, such as diabetes and heart disease.

Aside from potential health issues, overworked staff can be a threat to your bottom line. Tired and stressed staff are more likely to make mistakes on the job, be rude to customers, be less productive and care less about the quality of their work. This can all add up to lost revenue.

It’s important to realise that just because a staff member is at work, it doesn’t mean they are fit to be there. Keeping an eye on hours and communicating with staff about their workloads is the key to managing this.

Underworked staff

Not giving your employees enough hours can also put your business at risk.

As of April 2016, zero-hour contracts can no longer be offered to employees. This means that agreed hours of work must now be included in the employment agreement for every staff member. If you fail as an employer to provide the hours that have been specified, or have agreed on hours but haven’t recorded them in the employment agreement, employees are entitled to apply for a penalty to the Employment Relations Authority.

You can choose not to agree on work hours with an employee, although if you do these must be recorded on the employment agreement. If you don’t agree on hours up front however, your staff are less likely to feel secure at work, putting you at risk of losing good employees to your competitors. Unhappy employees may also speak out, making it harder for you to attract new staff.

If you’re looking for a system that makes identifying minimum and maximum hours easy, get in touch with us. We’d love to chat about how goRoster can make managing rosters a simple process.

Four tips to help minimise disruption caused by employee leave

February, 2017

An efficient, hard-working and friendly team is often the making of a successful hospitality business. So it can be quite disruptive when employees need to take leave.

Here are four tips to help minimise the impact:

1: Communicate with employees

Absences due to illness can be particularly stressful for a manager, as you may only get a few hours to find a replacement. Research suggests that regular sick leave is commonly taken by employees who feel overworked or stressed in the workplace. Thinking about the welfare of your staff, and openly communicating with them about their workloads, can help mitigate the amount of sick leave taken. Ask staff how they are feeling, be empathetic to their responses, and listen to feedback on how to best help their situation.

2. Train your staff across multiple skills

Having staff who are competent across several roles can help ease the burden of employees being away. The ability to take your kitchen staff and put them front of house for a shift – or have your wait-staff serving at the bar – gives you the flexibility to change your roster at a moment’s notice. Teach staff these extra skills during quiet times, so that the training itself doesn’t become a disruption.

3: Have a system in place to record future leave

If employees are planning a holiday for later in the year, have been invited to a special event (like a wedding for example), or are planning to take advantage of the Easter or Christmas break, they will often book leave months in advance. Make a record of this so that you and other staff don’t get caught out when the time comes. Don’t use post-it-notes either – make sure it’s recorded somewhere reliable, in a system like goRoster, for example.

4: Ensure you have dependable backup

Unfortunately, leave can’t always be planned. Sickness and bereavement are part of life, so you always need to plan for them. Create a shortlist of dependable people that you can call on when you require staff at short notice. This will save you a lot of stress when you need to make quick rostering changes.

5 Helpful Tools For Everyone In The Hospitality Industry

October, 2014

5 Useful Tools For Anyone In The Hospitality Industry

Here in the goRoster office we’re all about helping others. So, in keeping with that theme we’ve put together some useful tools that all of you can use no matter what type of hospitality business you work for! They’re all easily downloadable from the App Store and are designed to aid you in the day to day management of your hospitality business. Give them a go and see what you think!

1.    Trip Advisor

This handy  review site is important to monitor frequently as it allows you to quickly pick up reviews written about your establishment online. There’s no doubt you want to be the first to hear of any type of review, good or bad! . It also allows you to humanise your business by giving you the ability to participate in the conversation. You can thanks those who leave glowing reviews and it also gives you the opportunity to remedy any complaints. The bonus? See how you stack up against the competition and how you rank within your region!

2.    Buffer

With the overload of information available on  the internet today it’s important to promote relevant, aggregated content to your customers. Hospitality businesses cannot deny the inevitable – having an alluring online presence is now a must if you want to keep up with your competition. The Buffer App allows you to manage multiple social media account all at once. You can easily schedule content from anywhere you are and shoot it out at any time you like to whatever account you choose. Magic! Imagine the time saved loading up your accounts to send content out at specific times. It also allows you access to analytics for analysis purposes and so you can see what posts are performing best.

3.    Evernote Food

Here’s one for all those Chefs’ out there! The app lets Chefs’ jot down their favorite food recipes and make  cooking related notes which they can refer to later on. Not only that but you can add photos, notes and a location so you remember all your favourite dishes and record where abouts you had them! You can even share recipes with fellow chefs and post for fans or regulars to see. What better way to share your beautiful meals with the world.

4.    Kudos Points

Ever wanted to tell an employee they’ve made really great progress, or that they’ve come a long way since they started a couple of weeks ago? Well look no further! Kudos Points is a peer to peer recognition system and in-house social network that runs on ALL mobile platforms. It allows a user to send and receive “kudos”, points that are given for recognition and feedback, and as a result they accumulate on a virtual leaderboard.  You can load ‘company values’ and areas of recent training – an awesome way of tracking behaviour you really want to promote as a manager! It’s an easy, quick way to boost staff morale and give them some motivation!

5.    Barista Kit Pro 

Are you making a million coffees a day? What tools do you have in place to ensure the quality of all those coffees going out to customers? Timers can often be awkward. Designed for both baristas and cafe owners, it provides statistical feedback on quality, productivity and efficiency for up to three group heads. It stores all data by day and by 30 minute increments – then presents it to you in graphical form!The time mechanics have been designed for those baristas under time pressure, helping them to achieve consistent extractions of espresso. The ‘Purge’ function even advises when to clean. Now, how handy is that.


Want to know about another useful app that can help you effectively and efficiently manage your wage costs all whilst eliminating time spent on communicating your rosters? Give goRoster a try for free right here! 


Stop Losing Direction And Focus On The Simple

September, 2014

Make sure you do one thing - and do it well.

It’s not uncommon to want to be everything to everyone. It’s also not uncommon to feel the pressure to perform when you’re surrounded by successful people. The difference however is that successful people follow the right recipe.

Being great isn’t good enough anymore. You have to be outstanding if you want to be heard amongst the noise. We live in a world where society increasingly feels the pressure of information overload.

The quote “jack of all trades, but a master of none” resonates incredibly well with this idea. The more you try to do, the less efficient you become. You need to do one thing really, really well.

Find the areas where your ability and skill intertwine with your passion – it is here where you then become uniquely qualified to help people in that area.

The key to this?

We all know how important it is to set goals. But, let’s take this a little further. Start by pulling apart your goals into smaller areas and jot down the different ways that are going to help you reach these goals. I guarantee that if you forget about the end goal and focus solely on the different ways and mechanisms that aid you in getting there – you’ll be experiencing success faster than you ever knew possible.

Forget the goals, and focus on the systems that get you there. By doing this you not only create for yourself the ability to be heard above the noise, but you’re now also able to reach your goals in a way that generates a much greater impact on your customers.

Try and be everything to everyone, and you will not be trusted in the eyes of your customers. Be the best at one thing – and become one of the most trusted and successful players within your market.

Moral of the story? Make it simple.

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