Adding a blank row

April, 2018

goRoster users can now add blank employee rows to their rosters. This feature gives you the flexibility to create a roster template without having to assign employees.


Just click on the blue ‘Add a row’ button in the roster designer page to create a blank row.

The row will appear as ‘Unassigned.’

You can instantly start adding shifts and roles as normal by clicking on the cells you want to fill.

Once you’re happy with the roster, simply drag an employee’s name from the right-hand side of the screen to the ‘Unassigned’ row to apply the shifts to that person.

You can copy your roster template to future weeks too. Just click the ‘Copy Roster’ in the drop-down menu at the top right of the screen, choose which week you want to copy to, and confirm by pushing the ‘Copy Week’ button. This tool makes it really easy to plan your rosters well in advance!

You still have the option of adding employees to your roster before assigning shifts to them. Just click on the name of the employee you want to add to your roster on the right-hand side of your screen. Then assign shifts and roles as normal.

This new ‘Add a row’ feature is now available to all goRoster users, including those on a free 30-day trial.

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Why rostering templates are bad practice

January, 2017

Anyone who works in hospitality knows that no day is the same. Things can change as quickly as the seasons, but with far less predictably.

How busy you are depends on the weather; the time of year; what events are happening around town; what your competitors are doing that day; even if your local sports team is performing well that season.

Plus on any given week, one or more of your staff will be on holiday, away sick or have a family emergency they need to attend.

We’re continually surprised at how many businesses we find using the same roster template that they created months ago.

With so many fluctuations not just day to day, but shift to shift, rostering templates can become out of date as quickly as they are created. Your template roster might have worked last week, but this week you have three large functions, an international touring band in town, and half your staff are away with the flu.

That’s why we recommend using a four-step process when it comes to rostering: Plan, execute, review, repeat.

Make a roster that can change as your situation does. Have contingencies in place for when things don’t go to plan, and continually assess how things are tracking. Take notes on what did and didn’t work and make changes accordingly.

A system like goRoster allows managers to access all the relevant information needed to execute this four-step process effectively. This is the best practice for managing staff, and the one followed by the most successful businesses in the hospitality industry.

The ‘Secret Sauce’ Of Outstanding Rosters

November, 2014

Like anything in life, making a good plan will almost always make a difference.  After several years and literally thousands of conversations with hospitality operators we reckon we’ve got a pretty good handle on what it takes to plan and execute efficient staff rosters. We’ve seen so many different systems, methods and approaches to rostering that we could write a book about it.

So what do the most efficient operators do that others fail to do when it comes to rosters?

Do they publish their rosters earlier? Do they spend hours analysing previous schedules?  Do they just set up one roster and copy it week to week? What’s the secret?

Sadly, it turns out that there is no magic bullet.  We’ve not yet, after all of our conversations, found the ‘ideal’ way to plan and execute staff schedules.  No two businesses are exactly the same.

But wait there is some good news. We can tell you that, in our experience, there’s one trait that all of the top performing hospitality operations share when it comes to rostering;


Whether they use a piece of paper, a spreadsheet or a specific piece of software to build their rosters, the fact is that the best performing operators make time to plan.

Like anything in life, making a good plan will almost always make a difference.  So if you want our advice on how to improve your rostering? No matter what tool you’re using, you have to make the time to just get on and do it.

No Phone Calls No Confusion

March, 2014

goRoster helps with eliminating phone calls, so there's never any confusion.


According to Steve Holmes of The Carlton Bar, goRoster is the most cost effective business tool he has and for two major reasons. The first is that Steve now has the ability to complete rostering functions quickly and easily and send those rosters to his team via text or email – no phone calls, no confusion and the staff members love it too, having their rosters in an easy to access format.

The second reason is that goRoster is quite simply the most effective wage cost tool – making daily costs available means that Steve doesn’t need to work in estimates or forecasts – he is able to update budgets with actual costs on a daily basis and for each of his different departments – very important in the hospitality industry. Having access to daily and accurate figures helps Steve to better manage The Carlton Bar’s resources.

With 44 staff to manage across a range of job descriptions, goRoster enables Steve the flexibility to organise his team from wherever he is – the laptop at work or via the phone on the golf course.

While some team members were unsure of the change, once they used it they were astounded at how easy the system was to use – simply drag and drop.

“It’s nice and simple to use but the complexity of its reporting power will blow you away”.
-Steve Holmes

Think you’re ready to take the next step in eliminating roster confusion? Click here to give our 14 day free trial a go, and see if goRoster is right for you.

Knowing the Score

August, 2013

Konwing the score

If you don’t know the score, you don’t know if you’re winning or losing.  Malcolm Watts from Leaf Espresso Brisbane explains how goRoster has assisted his business with getting a handle on staff wage costs.

goRoster has had a major impact on the running of our businesses. We have been able to vastly improve the management of our rosters and have removed issues related to staff communication.

As a multi-site operator the new dashboard is fantastic, this is where I want to spend most of my time…. In the analytics. We have also been able to improve our margins and financial position through the use of the budget and forecasting features. 

We look forward to working with goRoster in the future as new features and enhancements are deployed, which will compliment our existing systems and processes.

Malcolm Watts

Leaf Espresso, Brisbane Australia

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