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Communicate with employees efficiently using SMS, Email & App

With just a few clicks send a roster to one employee, selected employees, or, everyone on the roster. Even receive responses and send general messages. Sending is a breeze. No more mis-communication, no more excuses.

Corresponding with employees couldn’t be any easier with goRoster. No more calling or emailing staff manually. Get ready to save real time and money by using the built-in communication features to send rosters, messages and receive replies.

  • Communicate rosters by email, SMS and PUSH.

  • Automatically receive & apply responses from employees.

  • Send direct messages to an employee.

  • Create and manage groups of employees

  • Send general messages to sites, groups or an employee

  • Retain & view employee message history


Start your journey towards efficient rostering with our free, no obligation, 30 day trial

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