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As a business owner or operator, we know you aren’t afraid of hard work. But there are so many competing responsibilities and tasks, and often, the tools needed to address those responsibilities are inefficient or non-existent. That's why goRoster was created - to help you gain back that precious time.

Start your journey towards efficient rostering with our free, no obligation, 30 day trial

Retail rosters are tough. goRoster’s intuitive design allows you to build even the most complicated rosters with minimum fuss, from any location, to allow greater flexibility and visualisation for head office team.

goRoster’s in built communication features will save you time and free you from the hassle of contacting staff individually. Better still, goRoster will receive employee shift confirmations and automatically apply them to the roster. Make schedule confusion a thing of the past.

Immediately see how much your staff wages will cost the business on any given day of the roster. Compare your staff costs against estimated revenue to ensure each business unit meets its financial targets.


goRoster was originally built around the idea that the hospitality industry needed a systematic, cost effective and simple way to manage rosters AND manage employee costs.

goRoster helps business owners and managers to understand:

  • Where you are spending too much money?

  • Where can you cut back your costs?

  • Are you over staffed?

  • Who is available to work?

  • Are your targets realistic and viable?

  • Save time and resources every week, cost different aspects of your business accurately and free up countless hours to work on the important stuff in your business.

goRoster works across both single and multiple sites to give an integrated view of daily and weekly staffing operations and forecasts from a single outlet right up to a large chain of cafes, bars and restaurants.


For a security company, communicating and confirming rostered shifts with employees is a massive job – especially when staff rarely visit the office. As a result, this poses a particularly complex challenge for security firms who routinely send dozens, if not hundreds of employees to different job sites each week, and often to multiple sites within one rostered shift.

Managing a security roster can be a logistical nightmare…but it doesn’t have to be.

goRoster drastically cuts the hours spent on creating and communicating rosters, and paints a clear picture of which employees have confirmed their shifts and which shifts still need filling. On average, goRoster security clients have reduced the time they spend communicating and confirming rosters by 75%. Depending on the size of your operation, that adds up to hours, if not days of time saved! goRoster also helps you to maintain regulatory compliance by preventing employees from being rostered onto job for which they are unqualified.


Healthcare rosters are notoriously difficult to get right. The challenge of making sure appropriately qualified and certified staff are rostered on at all times in the right areas, is compounded by the constant 24 hour nature of the industry. Both of these challenges regularly become problems when rosters are constructed on Excel or other types of spreadsheets.

goRoster is a clever cloud-based software that makes old-style spreadsheets antiquated and confusing. The system automatically disallows unqualified employees from being assigned to important shifts that require a certain qualification – making sure the right people perform the right jobs.

Employees with expired practicing licenses will become unavailable, helping you to adhere to regulatory requirements. It also allows you the ability to set notifications for weeks or months prior so that you are aware of the upcoming qualification expiries associated with an employee. All at the same time, the cleverly designed user-interface helps you easily visualize a 24 hour shift rotation so that you never overlap or underlap again.


The challenge of creating stadium rosters is uniquely complex. It centres on organising a large number of casual employees, potentially thousands, to work in a myriad of roles on one day – Game Day. The stakes are high but goRoster is more than capable of meeting the needs of even the biggest stadiums.

goRoster has been administering rosters for the largest stadiums in New Zealand since 2011, and has proved its worth during major international rugby tournaments as well as regular weekly events. goRoster’s unique compatibility to the stadia industry can be seen in several key functions.

  • The ability to send group SMS messages to find out who, from a pool of potentially thousands can work on game day. This provides managers with the vital information to start with creating rosters

  • Employees are tagged according to their skill sets, making it quick and easy for managers to get the right people for the required roles

  • Specially designed tools for managing casual labour

  • Allows head office full visibility of the whole operation, enabling managers to see potential staffing gaps and accurately predict overall employment costs – all before game day.


goRoster has the experience, ability and integrity to help you manage your stadia rosters efficiently and effectively. Do yourself a favour – and lets talk.


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