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Simple, fast and cost effective

If you’re looking for a better rostering software solution and want to cut costs then you’ve come to the right place. goRoster is simple, fast and cost effective. Spend minutes instead of hours managing your employee rosters and save even more time by obtaining the financial data you never thought you’d have.

Roster Designer

Quickly build an entire weeks roster on one screen

Break away from maintaining rosters in time consuming spreadsheets. goRoster is the easiest and fastest way to build rosters. Our simple to use designer makes building a roster painless.

Communication Tools

Communicate with employees efficiently using SMS & email

With just a few clicks send a roster to one employee, selected employees, or, everyone on the roster. Even receive responses and send general messages. Sending is a breeze.

No more mis-communication, no more excuses.


Record turnover & automatically calculate employee costs

Help managers stay on budget by seeing costs and hours for each day as they build a roster. Enter projected and actual turnover and view financial data by business unit.

Employee Management

Detailed employee information & communication history

Record a wide variety of HR related data. Set preferred hours, contact details, pay rates & banking details. Assign leave, tags & qualifications. Even personalise employees with a photo & send a direct message.

Multiple Sites 

Multiple sites, multiple rosters, multiple ways to save time & money

goRoster helps to cut costs and everyday expenses associated with creating rosters and communicating with employees. Find out how to save time and money with goRoster.

Time & Attendance

Record Employee Attendance and Export Timesheets to Payroll Providers

Available as part of the goRoster Premium Subscription. The goRoster Time and Attendance package includes a Mobile Kiosk, Attendance Review and Timesheet Management.

More Features

Other features to help run your business more effectively

Accessible anywhere in the world, all you need is an internet connection. Fully-featured, from the simple to use dashboard to exporting to payroll and reporting. goRoster could be the difference you are looking for. Learn more about other features that goRoster offers.

Start your journey towards efficient rostering with our free, no obligation, 30 day trial

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