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Effective employee & staff management

Record a wide variety of HR related data. Set preferred hours, contact details, pay rates & banking details. Assign leave, tags & qualifications. Even personalise employees with a photo & send a direct message.

Keep track of all your employees using goRoster’s HR orientated employment features. Quickly view historical messages and effortlessly control leave, preferred hours and other settings.

Employee Management

Detailed employee information & communication history

Start your journey towards efficient rostering with our free, no obligation, 30 day trial

  • Record contact details for employees

  • Assign to single or multiple sites

  • Set preferred working hours

  • Control how rosters & messages are sent & received

  • Hide roster end times or job titles

  • Easy to use Leave Wizard

  • Send direct messages

  • Detailed message history

  • Record qualifications & assign tags for grouping

  • Multiple pay rates & overtime support

  • Assign a pay rate for a specific job

  • Mark as in-active

  • Easily search by name and filter by status or site

  • Personalise by uploading a photo


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