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Available as part of the goRoster Premium Subscription. The goRoster Time and Attendance package includes a Mobile Kiosk, Attendance Review and Timesheet Management.

Attendance Kiosk

Is a separate portal which can be accessed on computer or tablet and is specifically designed to streamline employee time capture. 

Attendance Review

Attendance review is an optional intermediary step between the kiosk and timesheets. Collaborate with other users to pre-approve attendance records, add notes and mark entries as reviewed to save time for your payroll team.

Timesheet Management

Timesheets help you generate time entries from the kiosk, compare to the roster, make adjustments and export to payroll.

Time & Attendance

Record Employee Attendance and Export Timesheets to Payroll Providers

  • Start Time Tolerances

  • Support for Multiple Rosters

  • Employee Photo Login (Optional)

  • Breaks

  • Support for Unplanned Shifts.

  • Employee Pin Access

  • Leave Requests

  • View Roster and Accept shifts

  • Pre-approve Attendance Records

  • View employee notes 

  • Add notes and view notes from other users

  • View employee sign-in/ out photos.

  • Mark Daily Attendance Records as Reviewed

  • Export to Excel

  • Export to Payroll Provider*

  • Group entries by Employee or Date

  • Add Manual Entries

  • Approve Entries

  • See Employee Break records.


Upgrade to goRoster premium to get access to these exciting new features and take back control of your employee time and attendance. For more information see Pricing.

Start your journey towards efficient rostering with our free, no obligation, 30 day trial

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