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Accessible anywhere in the world, all you need is an internet connection. Fully-featured, from the simple to use dashboard to exporting to payroll and reporting. goRoster could be the difference you are looking for. Learn more about other features that goRoster offers.

Access most features from the intuitive, yet powerful dashboard.

Manage your own users and client settings with ease.

One click and the roster is exported based on your employee settings.

Powerful, but simple to understand reports allow you drill down into your roster history.

Create your qualifications and optionally set up alerting. Great for tracking certificates that need renewing regularly.

Group employees together by using tags. A simple way to find suitable employees when building your roster.

More Features

Other features to help run your business more effectively

Start your journey towards efficient rostering with our free, no obligation, 30 day trial

  • Dashboards

  • Keep your own client details up to date

  • Change employee defaults and SMS settings

  • Create & manage your own users

  • Allow users to access single or multiple sites

  • Fine grained security roles and permission levels

  • Disable users temporarily

  • Printable reports

  • Employee contact list

  • Various hourly reports, filtered by dates

  • Employee reporting

  • Email alerts when a qualification is due to expire

  • Optionally send to main contact or site contact(s)

  • Find employees by tag when building a roster

  • Create and assign your own tags


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