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Building a roster is easy with goRoster

Designing rosters can be a time consuming exercise. Manual spreadsheets and non-user friendly software make life difficult for management and lack communication features that can save you time and money. goRoster is a powerful staff rostering and communication solution, yet remains extremely easy to use. With a low learning curve and intuitive features, goRoster is a key tool to add to any business.

Building your roster just became even easier!

Now you can manage rosters by switching between weekly or daily views. The daily view is perfect for quickly determining staff coverage throughout the day.

Roster Designer

Quickly build an entire weeks roster on one screen

Start your journey towards efficient rostering with our free, no obligation, 30 day trial

  • Design & build a roster for a whole week on one screen

  • Easy to use mouse driven interface

  • Costs as you build

  • Split shifts & multiple jobs

  • Search employees by name or tags

  • Employee preferred hours indicators

  • Leave warnings

  • Switch between week & daily views

  • Conflict warnings when rostering employees across multiple sites

  • Communicate rosters by email & SMS

  • Automatically receive & apply responses from employees

  • Daily 36 hour job window for simpler rosters

  • Filter employees by status or business unit

  • Collapse & expand employees for more design space

  • Copy a week to another

  • Full screen mode

  • Easily duplicate shifts using copy & paste techniques

  • Individual employee weekly live costs and hours allocated


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