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Intuto – Create, manage and track staff training online.

For most small and medium-sized businesses training is hard. Many businesses rely on printed manuals that nobody ever reads or they train face-to-face which is time consuming, leads to inconsistencies and makes it difficult to track.

Enter Intuto.

Intuto is simple and affordable online software that makes it possible to deliver training online. Save time by building it online once and then delivering it whenever it’s needed, across mobile and desktop devices to staff 24/7. Engagement is tracked online right down to every page click and quiz result which makes compliance transparent and easy.

Get started using the easy to use course editor, use Intuto’s customisable course templates, or get our team of helpful experts to load your content for you.

Intuto also integrates with GoRoster so that staff can get the necessary training they need and sign off on your internal policies before their first shift. Course completion results are passed right back to GoRoster so that you can manage your rostering and training all from one place.

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hospoIQ provides real-time, historical and predictive sales, wage cost and financial information, delivered directly to your mobile phone or web browser.

Regardless of what systems you use, it delivers ‘plug and play’ integration with your POS, rostering system and Xero in an instant.

Contact Hospo IQ for more info:

Want to partner with us?

We’re working hard to improve goRoster and are seeking collaborative partnerships with complimentary cloud based software providers.

If you’re a payroll, time and attendance or other workforce management focused company with an API capability (or planned capability), then we’d love to chat.

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