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6 Hurdles Hospitality Managers Commonly Face (And How To Overcome Them) – Part Three

Updated: Mar 2, 2022

Hospitality managers must be able to wear all hats in this business.


In Part Two we discussed customer loyalty and how it can enable you to gain a competitive advantage in your industry if you are executing the right activities. A lot of the initiative required to build customer loyalty comes from the managers themselves. They undertake a number of various tasks, from meeting with suppliers, putting together new menus, ordering stock, monitoring wage costs, and the list goes on! More importantly, they also have to be the face of the business.

The person in charge sets the tone for establishment, and customers have the ability to pick up on this instantly. When you are in a restaurant and you get swift, efficient and happy service by an employee, it’s usually because they are being led by someone who takes charge and takes responsibility in ensuring all areas of the business know exactly what they are doing for the entirety of the shift.

Alternatively, when you have a bad experience, or staff seem flustered and rushed off their feet, it’s usually a sign of a lack in leadership. It definitely takes a certain personality to play the role of a hospitality manager. They must be calm, quick on their feet, and as impossible as it often seems – be in several different places at once. All with a big smile on their face!

These people are incredibly passionate about what they do; they live and breathe every aspect of hospitality. That’s what makes them so wonderful. We have all have instances where we start to doubt our own professions, and we wonder if we are in fact doing what we really love. A hospitality manager must be multi-faceted, and able to wear all hats in this industry!

Solution: As a hospitality manager, make sure you know your employees. What motivates them? What keeps them happy? What makes them work hard? Use these different ways to bring out the best in each of your employees. Appeal to their potential. However, do be careful not to fall into a common trap and distort the line between being a leader, and a friend.

When this happens, it makes it very hard to come back from, especially with respect to discipline and setting rules. Try and remain a managerial figure that you would want to work for. People work hard for those they admire. This will make the job of managing staff a lot easier for you.

So that’s it for now! You’ll be able to read about Hurdle Number Four – Responding To A Crisis, early next week.

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