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Change Management: How To Help Employees Cope With Change At Work

Updated: Feb 25, 2022

Change Management

No industry is exempt from change. Change is inevitable. It affects everyone within a business, from the CEO and director through to front line employees. It’s important to keep in mind the implications of change that can occur if it isn’t managed appropriately.

There are a number of different things that can help ease the process for all parties within your business.

  1. Maintain communication. This will increase employee certainty right from the very beginning. It’s best that they know exactly what is going go from the get go, so that no suprises along the way create any hiccups and subsequently leave you with a team of distressed employees.

  2. Establish some common goals.  For employees and management to both work towards a common goal creates a platform for shared understanding and mutual benefit. If you’re all working together for the same ideal expect to reap the benefits much sooner.

  3. Be a role model. You’re in the role you are for a reason. It’s your responsibility to lead by example. If you’ve established a trust within yourself and your team – they will follow suit during this period of change.

  4. See it as a challenge. No one ever said it was meant to be easy. If it was easy – how would anyone feel accomplished at the end of it. It’s a learning experience and one that can only make us better as business people.

  5. Invest in upskilling. Training and preparing your employees is something that should be invested in during a period of change. It shows them that you are invested in their involvement within your team. You want to further their current skills both for benefit of the individual and the business.

  6. Create a positive atmosphere. Your employees are your biggest investment. It’s your people that sell your business. They’re the front line – the selling point. Remind them that you appreciate their involvement.

  7. Take time to watch and listen. Listen openly to any concerns your employees may have. It’s important to realise that environments of change often can expect teething issues in the beginning and there may be a little bit of resistance. Respect these difficulties, be open minded and foster your employees through this process. Remind them of your common goals. Show them that you care.

  8. Re-energize your team! Don’t be sluggish – get everyone excited and as a whole remember why you’re in this business in the first place…because you must love what you do!

Hopefully these tips will help you through your next period of change. Give them a go and remember – no industry is exempt from change. Its going to happen at some point, it’s how you follow through with these processes that will define how your employee cope with it.



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