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Four signs it’s time to systemise your staff roster

Updated: Feb 23, 2022

To be successful in business, you need to be organised, have a clear plan for where you’re headed and be confident with the processes you have in place.

When it comes to managing staff, it’s important to have great rostering practices. If you find yourself struggling through workflow processes week to week on an ad hoc basis, it’s probably time to consider a rostering software solution.

Here’s four signs that you need to rethink your current roster system.

Your staff don’t always turn up

If you’re consistently having no-shows, then it means that your current system isn’t working. Regular complaints from staff about inefficient rostering processes include not knowing when they are supposed to be working, not being told by their supervisor about upcoming shifts and not being able to see a copy of the week’s schedule.

You don’t know who is working

As an owner or manager, you should be clear and confident about who is working, when their shifts are and what roles they are expected to complete. If employees can swap shifts without consulting you, or make arrangements without your knowledge, then it’s very hard to keep track of them.

You’re still using a spreadsheet

While a spreadsheet is often the go-to for managers, they aren’t fit for purpose when it comes to creating a functional roster. They are difficult to share with employees, make communicating changes tough, and often sit on only one computer. A modern business requires a modern rostering system.

You’re not sure what your wage costs are

A successful business will have a clear understanding of the budget it is working towards, and what percentage of that budget is wage costs. ‘Hopefully we’ll reach budget’ isn’t enough to be competitive in the hospitality and retail industries.

If any of these sound familiar to you, a system like goRoster could be the perfect solution for your business. Get in touch – we’d love to chat.



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