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Rostering – It’s Just Like Professional Sport…Well Almost.

Updated: Feb 28, 2022

There are noteworthy comparisons between professional sport and smart rostering

In the several years that we’ve been operating, I reckon I’ve had thousands of conversations about setting up staff rosters and the impact that getting these right or wrong can have on a business. In almost all cases, the businesses that are most successful are the ones that are analysing where they’re at as often and as accurately as they can. To put it another way; they know the score.

In many industries, staff wage costs are far and away the largest cost a business manager has to consider.  Time and time again our team strikes situations where the tools being used to create rosters are not only impractical, inaccurate and inefficient, but also seldom provide any assistance in making better decisions going forward.

Businesses that are neglecting to focus adequately on these activities are essentially waiting till the final whistle till they look at the scoreboard.

If one considers a professional sports team of any code, the team will have a game plan in hand, then enter the battle with their opponent.  If they reach half, or even quarter time, and they find themselves on the losing side of the ledger, then changes must be made.  Perhaps a change in personnel.  Perhaps a change in positions.

Perhaps a complete change to the game plan is called for.

In any case, the captain of any sports team knows the score from minute to minute, and also understands the effect the current game plan is having.  He or she doesn’t blindly soldier on when the opposition is piling on the points. Changes need to be made.  Not just random desperate manoeuvres, but well informed and logical steps need to be taken to win the day.

How’s your team going?


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