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The Importance of Employee Profiles

Updated: Feb 28, 2022


One of the major benefits of an online roster system is being able to store detailed data about your employees in the form of online roster employee profiles. These can be accessed at any time, and give you complex information to help you make decisions about rostering and shift assignment. Having more data about your employees ensures you always have someone on hand with vital skills (i.e. a duty manager or someone with a full license) and makes it easier to view everyone’s availability at once.

Some of the important features of the profile list are as follows:

  • A direct messaging system that allows you to contact the employee via both SMS and email.

  • Contact details including whether they prefer to be contacted by phone or by email. This way you always know how to best get in touch with an employee. It also can specify if they prefer to be messaged by SMS but also send a copy of their roster via email.

  • A list of their preferred hours. So that you don’t end up scheduling someone who physically cannot work a certain date (and to better bear your employee’s needs in mind), a list of preferred working hours is available as well.

  • A list of available rosters. Many businesses will have multiple locations, or multiple rosters within a certain location. With the profile system you are able to link an employee to as many as necessary.

  • A messaging history is also available on the profile page. This allows you to see what you have already sent to the employee, so you can check they are up to date on the latest shift changes and any other information as well. It also shows which roster notifications they have received, including the time and location of each shift. Having concrete data like this is great for avoiding “he said, she said,” type miscommunication disputes, and provides security for the employee too about what their instructions have been.

  • You can also update and schedule leave here, making it easy to ensure you don’t have too many overlapping absences and allowing you to keep track of how much leave has already been taken.

  • A list of qualifications allows you to ensure you always have someone rostered with the right expertise, such as first aid or bartending qualifications.

Having a good employee profile system gives employers the data they need to make efficient roster decisions, makes communication easier and puts comprehensive employee information right at your fingertips.


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