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The Ultimate Cheat Sheet For Rostering – Part Five

Updated: Feb 28, 2022

Rostering tip - Discipline

Part Five

Look for hidden calories

Moving into an online forum where you can make accurate forecasts for rostering is the best possible move you could make as a business. It allows you to easily visualise where you are spending too much money and where you may be spending too little.

It’s crucial that you look for those “hidden calories.” You want to find the perfect balance between not starving, and not over-indulging.  Being able to identify these areas helps you to trim the fat where money may potentially be being wasted. This makes for a lot more solid foundation for guided decision making.


We’ve left this point until the end in order to highlight it’s importance. This is the most crucial element of great rostering and it requires thorough systems and effective methods. Rostering is a constant practice that needs to be executed with precision and with the underlying mentality that you want to do the best by both your business and your employees.

By following the tips discussed, hopefully they will aid you on your journey towards being more in control of your business. For more information or advice on rostering, simply get in touch with us at

Or for more great tips on rostering, take a read of our eBook, “Recipes For Rostering Success In Hospitality.”



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