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What is the true cost of a ‘no-show’?

Updated: Mar 2, 2022

Calculating the consumption

Ever heard this at your workplace? “Sorry I didn’t realise I was rostered on today.”

In today’s fast paced social media dominated world your customers expect a high level of service. In fact, these days, it doesn’t matter whether you’re running a Michelin star restaurant or a busy local cafe; your customers expect a high level of service. So with this mind, it’s even more important than ever to ensure you have the right number of staff rostered on to cover and meet these growing customers expectations.

While making sure you have the right numbers on board might sound easy and straight forward, what happens to your business when a staff member fails to turn up for their shift and more importantly what does it really cost your business?

Every time a staff member doesn’t show up for work it is costing your company a full day’s wages for nothing. What’s more, the work they were meant to be doing still has to be done, taking time from other staff, and potentially damaging your business’ service related reputation.


Aside from the purely monetary perspective, no shows can have a knock-on effect that causes discontent and poor morale throughout your team. Other staff may feel they’re being unfairly expected to “pick up the slack” and that the no-show employee is being given a free ride.

The key to avoiding a no show is ensuring that rosters are clearly communicated to each employee.  Good rostering software will also enable you to gain

acknowledgement from the employee that they have understood where and when they are working – no excuses!

Take the next step towards effortless rostering and eliminate no-shows from your workplace. Give our free trial a go now!



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