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3 Ways To Overcome The Management Blues

Updated: Feb 28, 2022


Often it’s easy to get stuck in a rut. You begin to doubt yourself and your ability to perform your job at a level that you see fit. But you know what? It’s okay.

It happens.

It’s important that when we get stuck in these pits, that we take time to remember why it is that we are in the job we are.

1. Reach out to others.

Learning from the personal experiences of those around you is a great place to start. Confide in those in the same or similar industry – discuss the hurdles you may have experienced and how you came to overcome them.  It’s important to listen to those around you and to continuously keep learning. The vice versa applies also.

With the phenomenal amount of information readily available at our fingertips, reaching out to help those in need, whether to offer advice or direction, shows that you are prepared to help  a fellow industry participant in need. Now that is good karma! Creating a giving culture within your business and yourself invites others to do the same. What goes around comes around.

So seek advice, and offer to help others around you. Pay it forward and get inspired!

2. Acknowledge your previous achievements

It’s very easy to forget our past accolades, no matter how big or small. Just when things start to prove too tough, or when you start to begin wondering if you’re really in the right job. Do you love what you do? The first thing people commonly forget are the goods things that happened to them along the way, when if fact they should serve as reminders. Remember to take time.

It’s important to do this in order to remind ourselves of those high points; those moments where we were remember why we are in this industry or business in the first place. We achieve great things because there is a part of us that is very suited to the jobs we do. That’s why we went after our jobs in the first place! Taking time to do this will help you in any future endeavours and challenges within your current role.

Moral of the story?…take time! Remember your achievements.

3. Be a leader not a manager

These two titles are actually very different from one another. Let’s start by defining these two terms.  Leadership is seen to be “the ability to guide others without force into a direction or decision that leaves them still feeling empowered and accomplished.” Keywords: guide without force.

Management is the “planning, organising and controlling of an organisation to accomplish a goal”. Keyword: controlling. I think that as a person of influence within your business, you need to have traits of both a leader and a manager.  However, by trying to situate yourself more so in the’ leader’ corner, you’re allowing yourself a lot more scope to learn, to develop trust within your employees, and to create a lot most solid and effective foundation for managing your team.

So, go forth and lead!



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