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Communicate, Communicate, Communicate

Updated: Feb 28, 2022

Remember to communicate effectively with your employees.

Why communicate? Because an outcome of misinterpretation of rosters is regular “no-shows”.

When staff don’t turn up for shifts this puts stress on other staff members as they have to pick up the slack.  It may also require getting a replacement worker to come in on their day off.  This process not only puts pressure on other staff members, it also results in financial losses to the company. According to one of our customer’s calculations, it costs bars approximately $200 per “no-show” from various strains on resources.

Effective roster communication is about ‘shared understanding’.

Delivering rosters to staff successfully and making sure they’ve interpreted them correctly can often be a challenge.  However, by being able to send rosters via email and SMS and have employees confirm they have read and understood them using the same channel, makes rostering communication easy and efficient.  The larger and more complex your hospitality team, the more important this feature of rostering becomes.

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