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Do What You Love

Updated: Feb 28, 2022

Don't let bad rostering take you away from doing what you love

There are many things to love about working in hospitality: the fast-paced thrill of serving a throng of patrons; the contagiously joyful atmosphere; the knowledge that you’ve contributed to making everyone’s night a great one; and the friendships you form with both co-workers and patrons.

But then there are the obligations that also come with managing a successful business: cost management, product ordering, building maintenance and, to top it all off, the weekly laborious and frustrating task of rostering. If you wanted to be stuck out the back in an office you would have become an accountant, right? We believe that hospitality managers are most valuable when they’re in amongst the action.

Although there will always be a bit of ‘paperwork’ involved in managing a hospitality business, there are excellent alternatives to slogging over Excel spreadsheets. Rostering automation tools give you the power to quickly set staff costs targets, measure them, allocate staff to shifts and deliver rosters via email and SMS. This transparent and time-effective method allows you to quickly and efficiently complete necessary staff rostering so you can spend more time doing what you love – mentoring employees and delighting customers.

To read about more recipes for rostering success in the hospitality industry, download our free eBook here.


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