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Whitianga Hotel – Saving 4 hours a week using goRoster!

Updated: Mar 2, 2022

Whitianga Hotel - Saving 4 Hours a week using goRoster

The iconic Whitianga Hotel

The Whitianga Hotel will be celebrating its 150th anniversary this year. This iconic four star waterside establishment overlooks Whitianga Bay and the marina. Its long history has led some people to believe it’s haunted. Sightings of the paranormal have reportedly occurred on ‘plenty of occasions’. But, the hotel staff seem less convinced that anything supernatural is at play. Perhaps the patrons might be enjoying a few too many drinks at the onsite bar… We will never know for sure.

Two on-site restaurants offer some excellent dining for guests. Salt boasts waterfront views and is especially proud of its lamb shoulder. The signature dish has attracted customers from as far as the Thames. The twice cooked and caramelized pork belly has also been very popular and worth stopping in for.

The hotel bistro and bar are well known for their weekend entertainment. Last summer the renovated garden bar played host to a reggae festival. The Herbs, Sons of Zion, Tribal Connections and Ruff Copy all took the stage for an exciting evening.

Offering great customer service

Arron Bartrum is the Hotel Operations manager. He and his team have over “130 years experience” between them and keep the place running in top shape. Arron describes his team as more of a ‘family’. It is this cohesion that gets him up in the morning and ensures they can offer great customer service.

It’s Arron’s opinion that great customer service is not as big of a challenge as you would think.

“It is simple, ensure the customer or client is satisfied with the product or service provided. Maintain this service across the whole purchasing process – not just parts of it. ”

Saving 4-hours a week on payroll

A few months ago he implemented goRoster at the hotel and two restaurants. He has already noticed tangible benefits:

“goRoster has been a vital tool for our business, allowing us to track the many departments daily, weekly and monthly income and their wage spend. By setting targets for the department managers and giving them incentives to hit that magic 30% for wage cost it has made my job a whole lot easier.” “Also the integration with our payroll company means we simply export the weekly wages from goRoster and email them off. goRoster has cut the time of wages down from just over 4 hours to just a matter of minutes.”

If you are planning a trip to Whitianga  be sure to check out the Whitianga Hotel.  The iconic accommodation and outstanding cuisine won’t disappoint.

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