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The Craft Embassy – Good Rostering for Work/Life Balance

Updated: May 5, 2022

Seth – Craft Embassy

Perched high above the Avon river in The Terrace Hospitality district is The Craft Embassy.

Since its opening in March of last year, the establishment has been making waves in the city for its fresh approach to hospitality. The venue is the winner of the 2018 Crombie Lockwood Central City establishment of the Year at The Christchurch Hospitality Awards, and received a 2018 Beef and Lamb Excellence Award.

The Craft Embassy is a loyal customer of goRoster and we sat down with the general manager Seth Hamilton to hear how he has used goRoster to keep the venue in ship shape.

Seth uses a number of handy software solutions to go “paper free” at The Craft Embassy.

Asked why he decided to use goRoster, Seth saw 3 key benefits; It is easy to use, quick for communication and helps keep rosters consistent.

“It’s such an easy way to get a costed roster and for tracking forecast against actuals.”
“It’s great for communication and accountability – I know that if I need to get a message out to all employees I can easily do so.”
“I’m a true believer in work-life balance, and giving employees consistency in their rosters helps to make this possible. Being able to copy and adjust rosters week by week helps to ensure that they are fair and balanced between employees.”

With many years at the helm of some of Christchurch’s most loved restaurants, Seth has learnt a lot along the way. He offered some advice for those new to the trade:

“Be present, keep your eyes on the ball, especially with what is happening in the roster. This allows you to identify where you are over rostered and gives you the space to make adjustments to suit. Also, I’ve found putting yourself in a position where you are visible is important. Take time to connect with the regulars, form relationships and find out how you are performing- It can be a lot of fun.”

Next time you are in Christchurch, pay a visit to the Craft Embassy. The exciting line of Craft Beer options and exceptional food will keep you warm and welcome.

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