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Universo – The Art of Rostering.

Updated: Mar 2, 2022

Madlen and Wayne . Universo Owners.

Universo Owners – Wayne and Madlen

Slung under the glassy arms of the Christchurch Art Gallery is Universo. In early October of last year, Madlen and Wayne became owners. Universo offers a high quality and approachable dining experience.

The couple have been business partners for 18 years. They have owned several other Christchurch establishments and have worked on cruise ships and luxury yachts in the past. They are a great team who are not often seen apart “ we work well together and very rarely argue”.

If you are wanting to try the culinary delights at Universo, you have a variety of options to choose from. Wayne suggests starting out with the “Beast Board”:

It’s an exquisite selection of meats and nibbles including:

Pork spare ribs, grilled sirloin steak, beef patties, Yorkshire puddings with lamb, chicken liver parfait, hand cut chips, pickles, coleslaw and bread rolls. The perfect comfort food for a cold autumn evening.

Universo is also great for cocktails, can seat large groups, and has a meeting space for functions.

Madlen has been using goRoster for many years.

For us it’s an “easy way to project- out wage costs” and we don’t have to “muck around with spreadsheets and pieces of paper.”

They recently rolled out the goRoster app for their employees. The app has been a success, leading to improved communication and accountability.

“You can reach employees quickly on their phones and this has lowered the chance they won’t see the roster.”

For Madlen and Wayne good rostering is about “always having visibility daily wage costs and revenue. “This is important to “show your team the direct effect of a good and a bad day of the business”. “You then know the numbers and can work together to keep things on track.”



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