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goRoster keeps Parks Towing on track

Updated: Feb 23, 2022


With 30 vehicles, 25 drivers and round-the-clock services, Christchurch company Parks Towing needed something better than a “horrid spreadsheet” for its staff roster.

General Manager Stuart Gerring says the company switched to goRoster about a year ago – much to the delight of staff.

“Before that, we were using a horrid spreadsheet that was rather labour intensive and very complicated. The team in the office understood it but it was confusing for staff in the field.”

At the same time as changing to goRoster, most staff moved to fixed shifts, which also helped to simplify the schedule, Stuart says.

“One of the biggest changes we have found is our HODs (heads of department) are not chasing people to confirm rosters or leave, and there is no confusion of, ‘I didn’t know I was working’. It’s black and white.

“We are looking to further integrate with goRoster by using its payroll function. This will save more time and money while helping us to move away from a time card system to a complete digital solution.”

Drivers receive their roster two weeks in advance via text message or email and can reply to confirm or query their shifts. goRoster has also been useful for tracking wage costs by day or week, Stuart says.

When the company purchased a mechanical workshop in May, it took on new staff and a new roster. Adding that to goRoster was easy. “The system is very simple and intuitive,” Stuart says.

Parks Towing operates a fleet of 30 vehicles including tow trucks, trailers and support vehicles. The company is capable of moving anything from mobility scooters to fully laden trucks and buses. They have staff on around the clock, catering for all breakdown and accident needs.



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