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How to improve your roster in 3 easy steps

Updated: Mar 2, 2022

How to improve your roster in 3 easy steps

It’s not until you experience the worst financial upturn that you begin to ask yourselves what you could have done differently.

Until you fully understand the impact and role that rostering plays within the financial game, I’m going to take a stab in the dark and say you’re probably cutting yourself short in the profit department.

Rostering for a long time has been considered the responsibility of the front line manager, or an on-site coordinator. There are so many things wrong this preconception. Especially if you’re a business owner that is attempting to control multi site locations or franchises. Rostering is a key component in being able to effectively run the financial department of your hospitality business. Getting it wrong is just far too costly – and why would you want to risk it?

There are 3 easy steps you can take to improve your current roster

1. Get the right mix of employees – From your most experienced to least experienced employees. Try to strike the right balance of talents and personalities where you can spend a reasonable amount of money and still have a productive and satisfying outcome on the shop floor.

2. Integrate with leading technology – Paper became almost extinct after the invention of the internet and the cloud. Not only are you being a great samaritan by looking after the environment and saving paper, storing information electronically allows for quick access, the elimination of human error, and the ability to instantly access and analyse financial data. This enables you to make much more accurate and justified forecasts and decisions.


3. Discipline and planning – No successful person ever got to where they are without putting in the hard work. Effort needs to be put towards your rostering if you’re expecting to see changes financially. Planning gives you the ability to trim back the fat, or the “excess” when it isn’t needed, from where you may have been spending money in the past. The best business people forecast, and they make accurate decisions based on the research and discipline they apply to their management efforts. Same goes for rostering. You want a better understanding of where you can you can shift unnecessary rostered hours around in order to prevent them from cutting into your profit ever again.



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