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Mojo Coffee is now bringing their coffee expertise to China

Updated: Feb 25, 2022


Great coffee continues to be one of the most sought after commodities in the world. New Zealand for years has been known to house particular regions and cafes that have excelled at producing great coffee, one of those cafe operators being Mojo Coffee.

Having formed in 2003, Mojo Coffee operates 35 cafes across Auckland, Wellington, Japan and now China. (1) The wholesome, local nature of the brand and the hands-on approach that the Kiwi owners take with the business, certainly laid a solid foundation for Mojo to become huge success in the Chinese market.

Despite the already established coffee market in China, it was the roasting of fresh beans that really helped to set Mojo apart. Mojo founder Steve Gianoutsos teamed up with business partner Charlie Zheng with the aim of educating the market in “specialty coffee.”


“The local market is accustomed to the American style of big coffee mugs,” says Steve.

“Our job is to educate them in Speciality Coffee, Mojo-style coffee, drunk in smaller cups than they are used to – it sound simple enough but like all good things it is going to take time.” (2)

Having worked with Mojo now for a considerable period, here at goRoster we’re proud to be a part of this great business. The team at Mojo are a great example of how being the best at one thing, can help you to become an outstanding leader in your field.




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