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No Phone Calls No Confusion

Updated: Mar 2, 2022

According to Steve Holmes of The Carlton Bar, goRoster is the most cost effective business tool he has and for two major reasons. The first is that Steve now has the ability to complete rostering functions quickly and easily and send those rosters to his team via text or email – no phone calls, no confusion and the staff members love it too, having their rosters in an easy to access format.

The second reason is that goRoster is quite simply the most effective wage cost tool – making daily costs available means that Steve doesn’t need to work in estimates or forecasts – he is able to update budgets with actual costs on a daily basis and for each of his different departments – very important in the hospitality industry. Having access to daily and accurate figures helps Steve to better manage The Carlton Bar’s resources.

With 44 staff to manage across a range of job descriptions, goRoster enables Steve the flexibility to organise his team from wherever he is – the laptop at work or via the phone on the golf course.

While some team members were unsure of the change, once they used it they were astounded at how easy the system was to use – simply drag and drop.

“It’s nice and simple to use but the complexity of its reporting power will blow you away”. -Steve Holmes

Think you’re ready to take the next step in eliminating roster confusion? Click here to give our 14 day free trial a go, and see if goRoster is right for you.


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