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Quality Ingredients

Updated: Feb 28, 2022

In order to make successful rostering decisions you must first have access to quality information. 


There are many factors that can affect your patron volume. Major sporting events may result in a huge influx of patrons to your sports bar if you are playing the game on the big screen.  And on the flip-side, your night club might not pick up until after the game has finished.

Summer holiday periods usually mean more people have the opportunity to get out and enjoy themselves so bars and restaurants often employ summer staff to keep up with this demand.

Memory of past events is not enough to successfully plan a roster.

Although you may have a rough idea of how many extra staff you’ll need to work on rugby finals night, it’s impossible to predict the optimum balance of staff costs vs. sales when you manage rostering with a rolling spreadsheet.  This is why having information about how different scenarios have historically impacted patronage is so important when planning rosters.

Having the information to forecast how certain events will affect patronage allows you to make smart rostering decisions. It’s imperative to recognise the costs of any staffing decisions you make. Even saving 1% a night on staffing costs can make a big difference to your yearly profits.

You need the best quality ingredients to create an award winning meal – just like you need the best quality information to run a successful hospitality business.

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