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So, where are you sitting financially?

Updated: Feb 25, 2022


As the owner or director of a business there’s always the fear of uncertainty, and the pain of implementation if ever comes the time where you need to change something that already works considerably well for you.

Why change something when it already does the job?

Ask yourselves the hard questions. Is it giving you a level of transparency necessary at the level of your position within your business? Is it giving you enough clarity, so that when it’s time for you to discuss with the board your current financial standing – you know exactly where your money has and hasn’t been going? It’s not uncommon that many people cannot answer those questions with a firm yes.

In business, nothing is more important that being on top of your financial game. There is no single formula alone that every business should abide by for determining actual employee costs because the required contributions vary from business to business. Policies also can be different from one company to another. What’s for sure is that all these costs can add up to what the true costs of employing your workforce are.

What’s alarming is that these costs can significantly shoot up because of poor staff management. Under-staffing, over-staffing, failing to hire the right people, inability to utilise people’s potential, overworked or low performing personnel and other manifestations of a poorly planned human resources strategy can bring sizeable, often undetected expenses to a company.

So, where are you sitting financially?

goRoster helps to gain much more clarity with respect to your financial standing. We’re here to help ensure you gain enough understanding each week in knowing exactly what your breakdown of costs are. Click here to give our free trial a go and see how we can help you gain control over your costs again.



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