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The Carlton and goRoster

Updated: Feb 25, 2022

The Carlton Bar

Situated at the top end of Victoria Street – an area that’s quickly coming to be known as Christchurch’s leading food and beverage hot spot, The Carlton Bar and Eatery stands armed with its 150 year history, and its experience in providing the best of what the hospitality industry has to offer. The food offered at The Carlton is simple and effective and caters to all palates. The flavours have an incredible depth setting them apart from your everyday bar and restaurant. The liveliness and flair of The Carlton hooks you in – leaving you wanting more and more. As the General Manager of The Carlton, Lindsay Shears finds goRoster to be an indispensable and highly valuable tool.

“goRoster helps me to work out a budget to work with before the week even begins. It’s incredibly important for me to know my budget before I create a roster for the upcoming week. It’s great to be able to flick through previous weeks and look at the figures right in front of you so you can roster accurately based on those previous figures” –  Lindsay Shears, General Manager

He can see the benefits no matter what area of the business you may be in; whether it be Front Of House, Administrative, Kitchen and so on. He also says that the biggest benefit to him is the ability to utilize role rostering.

“There’s a lot of value in being able to use role rostering as a way of keeping to an allocated budget and wage cost. The key is to be able to vary the roles up for a shift so that you’re being as effective as possible in terms of budgeting and cutting costs.”


Lindsay uses goRoster everyday, and enjoys having the ability to be able to log in at any time, anywhere to see exactly how his costs are tracking. He goes on to discuss some of the other major benefits of the software, the biggest being that it’s wholly online. goRoster exists on the premise that you can keep all of you information in the digital cloud: your roster information, employee profiles, your revenue and your wage costs all in one safe location. No more paper. No more rosters hanging on the back wall. No more confusion.

The Carlton is open 7 days a week from 11am onwards.This place caters for it all. If you’re keen indulge in food and service of the highest quality I’d suggest heading on down and seeing the team.

For more information on The Carlton just visit their website at

If you’re interested in trying goRoster for yourself you can click here to get started with a 14 day free trial, or head on over to our facebook page



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