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The ‘Secret Sauce’ Of Outstanding Rosters

Updated: Feb 28, 2022

Like anything in life, making a good plan will almost always make a difference.

After several years and literally thousands of conversations with hospitality operators we reckon we’ve got a pretty good handle on what it takes to plan and execute efficient staff rosters. We’ve seen so many different systems, methods and approaches to rostering that we could write a book about it.

So what do the most efficient operators do that others fail to do when it comes to rosters? Do they publish their rosters earlier? Do they spend hours analysing previous schedules?  Do they just set up one roster and copy it week to week? What’s the secret?

Sadly, it turns out that there is no magic bullet.  We’ve not yet, after all of our conversations, found the ‘ideal’ way to plan and execute staff schedules.  No two businesses are exactly the same.

But wait there is some good news. We can tell you that, in our experience, there’s one trait that all of the top performing hospitality operations share when it comes to rostering;


Whether they use a piece of paper, a spreadsheet or a specific piece of software to build their rosters, the fact is that the best performing operators make time to plan.

Like anything in life, making a good plan will almost always make a difference.  So if you want our advice on how to improve your rostering? No matter what tool you’re using, you have to make the time to just get on and do it.



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