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The Ultimate Cheat Sheet For Rostering – Part Four

Updated: Feb 28, 2022

Rostering Tip - share the top shifts

Part Four

Share the top shifts

Employee management is not an easy task. Conflict and tension among employees can often be a result of poor management. A quick fix you could try is to ensure that you are sharing the top shifts around all your employees, so that resentment doesn’t build up within your team.

Allowing all of your staff to partake in the ‘fun’ shifts or even the shifts where getting tips is more likely will undoubtedly increase motivation and cohesion within your team. More of this means more success for the business each night. A win-win!

Employee Profiles

Rostering tip - create employee profiles

We touched briefly before on the use of technology being able to bring together all of your roster information into one place. The use of employee profiles online allows you to keep all information regarding an employee in one shared and easily accessible spot. Not only does this enable your management team instant access from wherever they may be, but this helps support your HR regulations and ensures you’re meeting your legal requirements regarding a staff members employment.

The different areas that would make up an employee profile would be for example a person’s preferred hours, their appropriate qualifications, leave requests, and a direct messaging system where you can communicate directly with that employee. Having thorough documentation relating to an employee enables you to make more accurate rostering decisions.



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