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The Ultimate Cheat Sheet For Rostering – Part Two

Updated: Feb 28, 2022

Rostering Tip - ensure your employees aren't overworked

Part Two

Ensure your employees aren’t overworked

We all know what it’s like to have to work when we’re tired. We dream of the places we’d rather be, and we lose any bit of motivation or drive we had left. It’s important when creating your rosters that you meet both your legal and your moral obligations towards your employees.

Discuss weekly hour limits with your staff and come to an agreement with what works best for both parties. Keep in mind stress and exhaustion levels, and spread out a person’s rostered hours as much as possible in each instance so that shift lengths aren’t too long. Distribute skills and expertise so that the workload is kept fair and singular staff members are lumped with the responsibility of critical tasks. Schedule your employees according to how busy you expect to be during your busiest periods, and cut back on the excess during those quieter times.

Rostering tip - getting the right mix

Getting the right mix

It’s important to always keep in mind the blend or mix of people and personalities you have rostered on for certain shifts. It’s without a doubt that some employees work better together than others, and some employees bring out a better work ethic in fellow employees than others. Try to gauge who works well together and who doesn’t. That’s certainly not to say you should bow down to every request from your employees to work with their friends, but do pay attention to the dynamics and cohesion within your team.

Good team morale is important and certainly boosts productivity and motivation – two major factors that play a significant role in the day to day success of your business! So – build your roster around skill sets, talents and expertise, and always aim for a good level of cohesion within your team.

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