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Using Technology to Control Staff Costs

Updated: Mar 2, 2022


Players in the fast-recovering, yet still challenged, economy are locked in an important battle. It’s an intense fight to secure the best talent. A war for the world’s high-performing employees. Those who have the right recruiting, training and retention strategy win. It is, after all, the people who make up the team who will lead the business out of the uncertain times and drive it toward a future of growth and progress. One thing that the most ambitious businesses should know is that in order to win, they need to access advanced technologies and information that would not have been available to them a few years ago.

Thanks to the exponential growth in tools and practices such as mobile, virtual and big data technology, business processes have become faster to accomplish and can produce more accurate and predictable results.

Armed with these innovations, key leaders and personnel in the company can save time and money, liberate themselves from routine and repetitive tasks, and focus on more important responsibilities connected with furthering the business mission.

One of the units of business that can do more with the help of smart systems and technologies is the HR department. In the past, a huge bulk of a staffing professionals’ work hours were dedicated to the task of rostering alone, their days spent manually filling in schedule changes and filling employees in on last-minute updates. But, with the help of an online rostering solution, they can now map out the entire organisation in the most efficient way possible – plan and design their roster and communicate the changes to the individuals involved as it happens – with a few clicks of the button. The dramatic cut in the time spent managing rosters will have a direct and positive impact on the company’s productivity.


The most smartly designed online rostering software makes sure everything is linked to your costing records in real time, allowing you to control staffing costs more accurately. With live costing, everything pertaining to the pay rate of each person, from actual work hours to leave and overtime, will automatically be factored in to provide you on-the-spot calculations. Having an overview of weekly staff costs as well as expenditure reports as they happen is a great way to keep expenses in check and help you balance the books better. Moreover, getting the numbers in a presentation that’s easy to interpret and analyse can provide an insight into trends and behaviours that may hold the key to the most significant cost-effective staffing solutions you can implement.

If you think you’re ready to take the next step towards more efficient and effective rostering, give our free trial a go here, and see the outstanding benefits for yourselves.

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