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Why your business needs to be more mobile

Updated: Feb 25, 2022

Why your business needs to be more mobile

The term ‘mobile’ has two distinct meanings.

“To be able to move or be moved freely or easily” and “relating to mobile phones, handheld computers or similar technology.”

These two definitions are highly relevant in the hospitality and retail industries. 3.4 billion people worldwide own a smartphone (1), and 9 out of 10 of us own a mobile device (tablet, laptop, iPad) (2).

Let that statistic sink in for a minute. If you’re not including ‘mobile’ within your hospitality or retail business, it’s time to start thinking about how your business can.

  • Being more mobile allows your business to be agile.

When you invest in big pieces of technology, you do so in the hope that it is going to bring big positive changes to your business. On the contrary, investing in large clunky bits of technology leaves you unable to take advantage of shifts or new developments, in the technology market. Take for example a Point of Sale till system you’re using in your bar. It’s essentially the beating heart of your operations, and it’s a big investment.

New mobile add-on technologies typically come with the ability to integrate with these larger pieces of software. Their primary purpose is to give you the control over those areas of your business where you feel you may be overlooking. Business agility and the ability to see value in new and developing technologies will ensure you are able to respond to any competitive pressure.

  • Employees that are mobile promote collaboration

Hospitality and retail businesses often have a management style where they fit the profile of “business without borders”. With an increase on multi-location sites, often a manager can be needed at more than just one site. They can’t always work out of one office, and they need to be flexible.

Being more mobile and allowing managers and head office staff alike, to login from anywhere allows for greater employee collaboration. Everyone is able to work in an online environment with complete transparency.

It’s not just about physically being mobile, it’s about using the correct technology hand in hand with this.

  • Mobile technology excels in data security

Mobile technology is forever developing new and inventive ways of maintaining data. Often, a head office team who all hover over the same Excel spreadsheet place too much emphasis on making sure all the formulas are correct, the right cells are locked, and while this is all happening – they have very little time to focus on the big picture.

You need to be able to maintain a focus on the business. Having an IT department isn’t typically a core competency for a hospitality or retail business. Single, effective software applications are more cost effective and reliable. The right mobile technology will allow you to relocate your precious people resources towards growing your business, and focusing on what’s really important.

Increased competency with mobile technology is opening up new paths for companies to do business ‘differently’. Being more mobile will allow your hospitality or retail business to keep pace with developing digital trends, and combat any competitive pressure.

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