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A Cunning Approach to Managing Staff

Updated: Feb 28, 2022


A cunning approach to managing staff through the use of goRoster

Customer:           The Fox & Ferret, Christchurch (part of the Frenzi Group)

Challenge:           Improving roster management and wage cost control

Consequence:   Made rostering easy and enables greater planning

“I hope that if I went anywhere else, they’d be using goRoster.” Tom Cairns, General Manager, Fox & Ferret (The Palms).

Christchurch Institution

Occupying a sun drenched spot at The Palms Shopping Mall in the Christchurch suburb of Shirley, the Fox & Ferret is a modern gastro pub offering a wide selection of meals and drinks to suit all tastes.

The popular and respected establishment has a sister site on the western side of Christchurch in Riccarton, and is part of the wider Frenzi Group of pubs and restaurants around New Zealand.

Being part of a big group has its challenges and General Manager Tom Cairns says in his four and a half years with the company, goRoster has been with him throughout the whole journey.

Easy As

The software has evolved over the time Tom has been at the Fox & Ferret and it has become an essential tool to help him plan out the rosters. He loves how easy it is to build rosters and make changes, and with it “being online and interactive, you can change them anywhere, anytime.” And they’re able to split it so he can manage the front of house while the head chef looks after the kitchen.

“goRoster’s nice and smooth and easy to use. We’ve managed to train the guys in as little as 10-15 minutes on how it works and what it does. The reports it pulls up are really useful. You can go back as far as you want to pull any analysis up but it still gives you the week to week, it’s current too”, says Tom. “I can get a contact list of all the staff, their timesheets, turnover data and edit all the information right then and there.”

All Part Of The Plan

goRoster allows Tom to easily plan his rosters quite well in advance allowing staff to plan out their free time or request any changes. “You can see as far back or as far forward as you want. We’re up to 11 rosters ahead, so staff can see where they are. It’s really easy, you can just copy and paste if you want and just change a couple of names. You don’t have to build the whole thing again.”

“Having all the costings and everyone’s pay rates loaded against their hours is great. You can generally see exactly how you’re tracking from budget to roster and then in the financials section you can see what you had estimated at the start of the week and what you ended up with, and maybe where you could have made savings or whether you needed more people.” Having this ability allows Tom to make smarter choices and decisions on making the business more productive and efficient.

Tom says it makes it easy for the Frenzi Group finance team to check timesheets and accurately process pays. “You can get access from anywhere so the finance guys can just click in and it’s there for them. Everyone gets paid.”



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