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Eliminating Time and Space

Updated: Feb 28, 2022

The Mexico Group - eliminating geographics with the use of goRoster

The Mexico Group is a group of bars and restaurants providing a taste of authentic mexican across New Zealand. Currently operating from six locations and opening a seventh in July 2014, has certainly offered some unique challenges to the management team in regards to managing their staff who are spread across such a wide geographical location. But this is exactly the type of challenge that goRoster is made for. goRoster has been able to allow the Mexico Group to streamline their rostering processes easily and efficiently. All locations and departments can be managed through the dashboard enabling improved margins, tighter control over expenses and flexible budgeting and forecasting.

When we last spoke to the team they were well involved in setting up their newest location in Wellington and yet were still able to manage teams, rostering issues and expenses for their restaurants and bars across Auckland and Hamilton. They were using goRoster to remotely manage the sites already open, whilst preparing the new site and working out costing for the new location. The goRoster software gives the management team a top down view of the entire business. William, who works for Mexico in Operations and Data Admin, says goRoster gives him the ability to view and manage every site quickly and conveniently.

                    “The biggest benefit to me is the snapshot tracking. I can easily get a snapshot of all our locations every day to see exactly how the costs are tracking.”

William’s favourite aspect of goRoster is the costings functions and how simple and easy it is to use. The Mexico Group can now manage costings and rosters simultaneously, enabling them to adjust both in real time and in a quick and easy manner. The rest of the team enjoy the benefits too. The staff love receiving their rosters via text – they can then reply if those shifts work for them or not. This functionality allows the team to plan their other commitments such as study, family and socialising around their work. No more forgetting shifts and having to ring to check – the roster is stored on their phone and readily available whenever and wherever they are. The staff’s favourite benefit is the ability to be able to check rosters directly on their phones – no need to call in.

Managers are enjoying goRoster too – they now spend less time co-ordinating rosters, and replacing staff due to illness or other circumstances is a breeze. goRoster has reduced the time and resources spent on staff communication outside of rostered shifts and has the additional benefit of electronically storing all communications should they be required in the future. Implementing it was simple – after a short amount of time the system was up and running and paying dividends across all locations and the business as a whole. The entire system is found to be quick, easy and simple to use on a day to day basis.

Overall, goRoster enables the management team to run all locations no matter where they physically are – Britomart, Takapuna, Ponsonby, Ellerslie, Hamilton, New Plymouth or Wellington. The goRoster team wish the Mexico Group all the best with the opening of the Wellington location – we can’t wait to try it out.

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