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Guided Tours, Viewed Indicators and App Updates

Updated: Mar 2, 2022

The software team has been busy working on some handy new features. Employers can now see which employees have viewed the rosters. Roster responses are more detailed, and guided tours provide support to new users.

New Feature: Viewed Indicators

goRoster update- indicators

Employees who use mobile app or email will now show with an indicator beside their name in the roster.

Managers now have a way to identify which employees ignore or forget to check their rosters

App Update 4.66: Pending Rosters

goRoster update- mobile app

Mobile app update version 4.66, provides more detail to pending rosters. Each roster now remains in the pending screen after it has a response. The roster is now labelled with the employee response. Finally, rosters declined or queried by an employee display the date and time of the response.

Guided Tours

goRoster update- Guided Tours

The recently launched Help Centre provides a quick way to access support information. A collection of over 70 articles provide answers to common support questions.

We have also introduced a small number of interactive tours to provide help for new users. Tours are launched in goRoster using a new widget (black icon) at the bottom of the screen (see above).

Stay tuned for other exciting updates and features coming in the next few months!

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